“Zhen 嬛 biography of safflower sterilization not real Spain, Italy, people often eat


Johnson, a famous gourmet, also show host and the making of, or receive a fun lay’s worth thinking about things and been ceaseless.

throughout in recent years, the domestic film and television, theatre is a pick up a GongDou play, “palace”, “the heart-pounding step by step”, “the bourne identity” deep palace & hellip; & hellip; By chance, here is not fastidious, but recently hit the zhen 嬛 biography I think it’s worth the red.

the show the cause of the fire, mainly production is rigorous. Whether furniture, four treasures, unique romance appliances are fastidious, they said the director of this play is to distance measurement of decoration; There are & other; Throughout western agencies &; Automatic fan, unique & other; Red ROM coal & throughout; Details are very exquisite. Besides, plot, scene throughout the opening of the first set is a eunuch spluttered pa three whip, the original ancient emperor of the qing dynasty court, not by mouth to shout, but with a whip, called & other; Sound tip three & throughout; , this lens is only about three seconds, but it truly restore history.

casting special is the icing on the cake. Sun li is a play girl, Zhen Huan star. Grandson couple of changes between the eyebrow eye is incredible to express her mood change, from the original into the palace as pure as the small white rabbit eyes, eventually suffer injustice and sad sad, again to late biting cold, performance is astute. She said in an interview once you have entered into play, sometimes I don’t know this has been taken out. I admire her as Zhen Huan, there is a kind of enchanting temperament, that is a combination of pure and depression, deep, enchanting breath. Some people say that she is like peace. Indeed in eyes peered from time to tome peaceful feeling, but relatively quiet a bit deeper. If sun li and peace in a harem, should be quiet as east, sun li plays nishinomiya.

in the women show, there is one of the most vicious means of rivalry, is to make the pregnancy opponent miscarried, and even let the children born to each other forever, so as to improve their competitiveness. Most people are familiar with props is musk and red flowers, is arguably the most important & other; Abortion & throughout; Treasure, drink can sterilization directly. But as the series of popular, musk and safflower did so magic also disputed by many people. Natural musk has already can’t sell now, some people say that for a couple of musk, killing at least ten wild musk, and wild musk deer is extremely rare, so this kind of magical spice, now already not much.

and scene of red flowers, no particular about safflower saffron or grass. In our traditional customs, especially the traditional Chinese medicine, is very careful with this kind of medicinal materials, of course, can be exaggerated in the play. Red flower in western food was also used to get incisively and vividly. SAFFRON is called SAFFRON, Spanish Paella (Paella) and the thin rice are used more in Italy, Paella Paella’s essence lies in the precious SAFFRON stigma. Red flower can line qi and saffron and grass. If eat too much, invigorate the circulation of qi too much, for not affect women, do not make it here, but if only eat a little saffron can let a person sterilization, saffron for both Spain and Italy should shout a, emperor, wrong.