Zhen 嬛 body popular online audience mouth closed “very good” “really”

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& other; It does not matter on the wrong road, in the crisscross the people, that would be bad to did! Throughout the &;

& other; Grovel at my side, only, not wishful thinking, more can’t take my pet! Dare to rivalry with me, all have to die! Throughout the &;

version 】 【

you bought a cake is very good today, thick cheese with full-bodied mousse, is the best. I would like to more few, though it posture gradually full figure making, also not be grace.

people speaking!

delicious cake, do I have to do with one more piece.

online version 】 【

kiss, today on new clothes this model is very good, the embroidery fabric with concise cut, is the best. I would like to buy some more, though it pouch sharply angular, also not be grace.

kiss, “said colloquialism.

a nice clothes, can not cheap? Bag mail?

football version 】 【

Barcelona level is very good, big striker with midfielder, the original is the best. Poor luck, although haven’t scored points, perfecting Chelsea again into the finals, also not be grace.

people speaking!

Chelsea into the champions league final.

learning edition 】 【

just in & other; Scouring & throughout; See on a math problem, the method is very strange, self think if this allows you to do, can increase formula proficiency, must be very good for your math.

people speaking!

I will not do this problem.

May 1 version 】 【

three days holiday, the weather is very good, just my sister to previous oversight hurt yourself, if it is not so careless, immediate vacation should be about the sister together on the spring scenery is the best city.

people speaking!

I was hurt.