Zheng he’s ancestors or with Indian ties its immediate ancestor from Persia

zheng he is the Ming dynasty great navigator, 1405-1433, zheng he’s seven expeditions to the western seas, completed the great feat in human history. In January 1431, zheng he’s fleet from longjiang shut (now the shimonoseki) set sail, after returning, zheng he because of overwork died in 1433 at the beginning of April in the west coast of India ma family. The story of zheng he’s household names, most readers know guri zheng he eventually died in India, however, if we now says he also calculate the falling leaves in India, so, I’m afraid my friends are confused.

yunnan lineage is noble

Zheng Heben surnamed ma, nicknamed the sanbao, yunnan xianyang family background, is the first governor of yunnan semu game code red & middot; Shan thought of lineal descent. Yunnan lineage is noble, however, the winter of 1381, the Ming army offensive in yunnan. 11 him captive into the camp, the eunuch become, after zhu di prince mansion.

Zheng Hegu generation believed in Islam. The ancestors “Canon red & middot; Shan rioux for not to spend might, in the western expedition, genghis khan rate thousands of riding face down, chong by enemies. & other; The typical red & throughout; Arabic meaning & other; Glory throughout the origin &; That great nobility. & other; Shan think dean & throughout; Is the meaning of & other; Religion throughout the sun &; . Don’t spend spine is located in central Asia, location in an uzi Stan and cultural city, today. Flower thorn submodule empire, not to spend spine between new capital and maicon and won a jade leoco red, is a flower la centre of the submodule empire. The typical red & middot; Shan thought butyl ancestors originated in central Asia uzbekistan is accepted, historians have no objection to that, but his family ancestors once migration in west Asia, Persia, north Africa, Europe and other places, it makes life quite unpredictable.

the typical red & middot; Shan thought has five sons. The eldest son, Latin, chapters officer to flat in yunnan province government, shaanxi province politics; The second son ha, officer to guangdong DaoXuan comfort marshal all; The third sheen, officer to yunnan provinces right chapter cheng, jiangxi province politics; The fourth Shan butyl haunters Murray, officer to flat chapter politics in yunnan province. Their descendants have race, the, ah, speed, and horses, and sand, bao, butyl, flash, jose, and hao Yang surname, legend sons into & other; 13 the surname & throughout; , mainly in yunnan province. Until the qing xianfeng six years (in 1856), the qing government ordered & other; Out back & throughout; , prompting hui large-scale armed rebellion, namely historic & other; Throughout the change & c Chen; Were being forced to separation, the 13 surname for hui throughout the country. Later in the development of long-term, by 13’s also developed other’s surname. Such as last name later development as the tiger, dynasty, flash’s later for the development of shanxi’s surname, and so on.

immediate ancestors from Persian

in 2002, Beijing union medical college students JianBo published a professional papers, which collected in yunnan sea 40 patients complain of the typical red & middot; Shan ding descendants of the hui genetic samples, found that confirmed that the vast majority of surname ethnic people blood kinship. 8 gene loci by sodium JianBo test data, we can roughly judge’s family belongs to a gene called L tribe. This gene tribes to share a paternal concestor about 2-30000 years ago, their descendants are mainly distributed in southwest Asia, India, central Asia and Europe and the Mediterranean coast, etc. Not long ago, fudan university researchers published English papers further confirmed the surname and ma sai Canon red & middot; Shan butyl descendants are L type, and for L1a – M76 the subtypes. Because this type is widely distributed in the Iranian nation today, combining with the historical clues, the researchers think the typical red & middot; Shan when derived from Persia, think of the immediate ancestors after migration xenophobia towards uzbekistan, with the Mongol armies in the east after the soil, and eventually settled in yunnan.

with the Indian people are the same kindred

in 2006, the ancient da (Sengupta), and other researchers on the analysis of the global many L1a – M76 genetic samples, of the tribe found L gene families have three branches, today are found in Pakistan, but only L1a – M76 a branch in India. Researchers after thorough analysis, put forward the L1a – darrow M76 gene tribes and India tea language ethnic ancestor related. Darrow which the tea is speaking of the Dravidian South Asia tea generally referred to as the language the language of all ethnic groups, also called DE la Vida, mainly distributed in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Before they are dark, indo-aryan invasion of India’s indigenous population. Today, L1a tribe – M76 gene is more common in southern India. So, it seems we can say, zheng he eventually died in kerala, a state in south-western India guri, also is one of the falling leaves, although dying of zheng he’s what I’m afraid I don’t think of them these dark Indian turned out to be their ties of kindred.