Zhou, a 106 – year – old text: talk about “change” to make Chinese people all over the world to understand Chinese


zhou couple (comic) Ding Cong draw

changzhou green lane, this is a long the chiangnan alley. Linhe and white wall tiles, because of the scholars and heroes to give birth to legend. Have the linguist zhou, a 106 – year – old was born at 133 green lane old ceremony and hall of fame. And the other two Chinese modern pioneer & ndash; & ndash; Qu qiubai and yuanren chao, also with weeks in an adjunct to the green lane.

unlike two neighbors, zhou name linked with Chinese modernization, is & other; By chance & throughout; . Text reform meeting in 1955, the new China, zhou from Shanghai to Beijing out alone. Unexpectedly, will open up, people have been left in the new Chinese characters reform committee. Three years later, zhou and others created a set of “Chinese pinyin scheme”, as the world’s oldest text global the sticker. And at this point, he has the year lead half hundred.

& other; Grandpa to fall by the wayside in economics, linguistics halfway decent; Two and a half together is a zero & throughout; . Granddaughter said weeks and elementary school, now often used by zhou self-mockery.

85 – year – old retires, zhou open blog, write articles, 20 years to have more than a dozen books, learning enthusiasm and dynamic thinking, impressive. Today, the 106 – year – old day after day he sits in the study on the yellow little book desk, reading, writing, receive a visitor. The man with the color of red, clear, gas dye-in-the-wood, speaks to write up the word, don’t shake hand, don’t breathe heavily. He loves to tell jokes, talking about will laugh like a child, one hand will automatically block in front of the mouth, as if very embarrassed smile like this.

as centenarians, elderly visitors often asked his secret of longevity, he loves to joke, & other; God put me to forget & throughout; ; Because through one hundred turbulence of modern China, people often to him to seek for the future of China, he always answered firmly: & other; I’m very optimistic about the future, full of confidence. Throughout the &;

Chinese modernization conforms to the historical need

& other; People laugh at us a few letters make for three years, and more than 3 years & throughout;

reporter: you in those days from economics research into linguistics studies, although it is unexpected career change, but to a great extent, promoted the Chinese modernization. Standing in the light of history, how you look at the Chinese modernization of China?

zhou: I think Chinese modernization development very well. Chinese modernization mainly four requirements: language should jointly, style in the vernacular, the text takes character, phonetic alphabet. China began as early as the late qing dynasty Chinese modernization movement. Chinese people will only dialect at that time, people in different places touch together can’t speech communication. In 1955, our country reforms meeting. Why is the meeting? We want to build a modern country, at a time when people’s culture is low, so be sure to make Chinese modernization movement, and put it as a big things after the founding of new China. I think this is conform to the historical view.

reporter: an important part of Chinese modern & ndash; & ndash; The Chinese pinyin scheme has inspection after 55 years of practice. Now review the plan making process, with or without regret?

zhou: at that time we spent six years of work, very carefully, any problems are studied. If so so, at that time will regret today. There are 60000 Chinese characters, can be made of phonetic alphabet until 1918, later linguists yuanren chao also design a mandarin word of Rome, are good, but is very complex, it is not easy to promote. So, after the founding of new China, we need to redesign. When we suddenly heard from at home and abroad more than 4000, many people put forward different requirements and hundreds of solutions, we are a a serious answer.

there are many difficulties during the period of Chinese pinyin scheme designing of. The somebody else to tell jokes, say a few letters to you for three years, is so stupid. In fact more than three years. The National People’s Congress passed the Chinese pinyin, it is only a Chinese standards, pinyin scheme applied to foreign, to get through the international organization for standardization. Afterwards, I represent China to participate in the international organization for standardization and a meeting to discuss the success three years before. Plan until 1982, the Chinese phonetic alphabet was identified as the international standard. This is very important for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. When I go to the United States negotiations, they say there are 700000 m Chinese books, books in the library of congress to change all the catalog to pinyin, need $20 million, don’t really have the money. Then they raise for two years before they set to the money, changed.

“the plan” as the tool of elementary school students to read at first, then as the tool of culture and the circulation of commodities, and then to become an international cultural bridge of the communication & ndash; & ndash; The spread of Chinese pinyin is smoothly than we imagined.

reporter: in the Chinese modern Chinese pinyin almost no controversy. But some people think that the Chinese, from the aspects of technical and artistic quality than traditional characters, and divided the cultural tradition of China, how do you think?

zhou: now many people don’t understand history, think that Chinese is the original. In fact, the Chinese in ancient times. I have a book, called “the Chinese source,” the book is the earliest Chinese pictures. You see, Chinese & other; Also & throughout; Word, in han has been above. Many people believe that must write traditional Chinese calligraphy is good-looking, it is not right. Book SAN wang xizhi running script “handicraftsmen have 324 words, 102 of which are Chinese, about a third of the total number of words. A famous calligrapher of past dynasties, there is no lack of written Chinese, many Chinese calligrapher is created. So, Chinese calligraphy has no contradiction.

to let Chinese people all over the world know Chinese

& other; Today’s culture is the two aspects of the international modern culture and traditional culture & throughout;

reporter: as China’s economic strength has increased, to speed up Chinese culture abroad, some places still raised & other; Chinese hot & throughout; . He asked a lot of people, the future can Chinese like English pop?

zhou: international common language is not static, not once a day can change. English promotion after 400 years of history. English to become the world common language, not a meeting, but the change of the facts. Why English is so widely? Because of globalization. Choose English has a population of five advantages: the high, wide circulation, culture, publishing, and use. After the reform and opening up, I go to the United Nations staff language learn to speech. I asked, head of the society, six UN working languages, which one to use, which use less? She told me that English accounts for 80%, French 15%, 4%, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, add up to 1%. You see, our international is not high.

I advocate that the first step is to put our Chinese language to the world, to make the world of the 21st century Chinese can speak Chinese, can write Chinese characters.

reporter: in the era of globalization, the Chinese culture in what position?

zhou: a voice is very important. I put forward a principle, era of globalization, do you want from the world countries, not from the country to see the world. Some people say that & other; 30 years hedong hexi 30 years & throughout; , the world’s cultural baton was introduced to China from the west, cultural center will also run to come to China. I according to the culture, & other; Double culture & throughout; Theory, namely, traditional culture and modern culture, rather than a simple & other What culture & throughout; . In fact is not a Oriental Oriental culture, but three east: east Asia, South Asia, west Asia; Western culture is in Western Europe and the americas. So now there are four kinds of traditional culture, traditional east Asian traditions, South Asia, west Asia, the western tradition. In the four traditional culture, but also a kind of culture is worldwide, namely the international modern culture: create and share it from all around the world. So I think that today’s culture is the international modern culture and traditional culture two aspects, instead of rotation.

zhou fun

– zhou’s wife is & other; The zhangs’ four sisters & throughout; The second, pretending and. Ye shengtao once said: & other; Nine such as lane four sons prince, who had married throughout a lifetime & they will be happy; . Before married, pretending and zhou wrote said: & other; I was very poor, afraid can’t give you the happiness & throughout; . Pretending and back to a letter from 10 pages, there is only one meaning: & other; Happiness is to oneself to create. Throughout the &; Marriage lasted for 70 years, until the pretending and died at the age of 93.

/brother-in-law shen congwen jokingly to zhou a nickname & ndash; & ndash; & other; Zhou Baike & throughout; . But after the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and America, zhou together with liu chun chess, qian wei-chang translation “the British encyclopedia”, really become & other; Zhou Baike & throughout; .

– at the age of 97, zhou was in the hospital to do check, fill in age in the cases, doctors don’t believe, that is the 79 – year – old wrong written at the age of 79. Others heard a hundred – year – old man, in succession to see lively, zhou joked, & other; Is everybody see me as a giant panda! Throughout the &;

drink coffee/tea, watching movies, opened the blog network, at the age of 99 visit to tianjin, the small BeiEr said he and other New old man & throughout; ; Zhou calls himself is & other; The net & throughout; And emerge the net in the 20th century, into the 21st century.