Zhou enlai niece have uncle: retirement plan act to write novels

China tianjin on April 18 (Reuters) : yi zhou enlai niece uncle: retirement plan to acting a novel

the author Tian Ji Jia-yu liu

this past weekend, zhou enlai office long niece Zhou Bingde, zhou enlai and deng yingchao living nearby staff came to tianjin, to visit zhou enlai, deng yingchao memorial to the haihe river mouth of zhou enlai, deng yingchao ashes SaHai to honour our ancestors, to show their grief.

Zhou Bingde 12 in zhongnanhai XiHuaTing, living in zhou enlai side more than 10 years, she tells a reporter, zhou enlai had two chances to do his father’s, but the cruel underground struggle claimed deng yingchao belly of the baby. & other; What have we done these ZhiErNv those closest to the uncle, aunt junior, two old man took good care of us, affectionately, like biological parents & throughout; .

in zhou enlai’s exhibition & other; Zhou enlai hometown throughout jiangsu huaian &; In front of the panel, Zhou Bingde recalled, zhou en-lai miss home very much. He asked from home county, home of the tree & other; Bodhisattva willow & throughout; Still alive? The door of the drains the ship can not go? & other; But the thought of their hometown was very poor, if the home, the province, the city will receive money, he didn’t want waste of home, so has been didn’t come back home & throughout; .

Zhou Bingde said, & other; My uncle lives, but also have regrets, biggest regret was not make Chinese people rich. Uncle as early as in 1956 are put forward to develop the economy, realizing the four modernizations, but until death, this desire has not. Throughout the &;

Zhou Bingde said, she still remember uncle had said, but he can’t achieve some of the. & other; Uncle said, & lsquo; Ba jin wrote the novel “the home”, after I retire, want to write a novel, called “room”. & rsquo; After retirement, he said, would also like to acting, & lsquo; Who says prime minister retirement can’t act, I will create a. & rsquo; It’s a pity that he can’t normal retirement, no enjoy leisure happy old age. Throughout the &;

& other; & lsquo; No not heartless, maternal gentleness more protect flower. & rsquo; Uncle’s ashes in rivers of the motherland, he is willing to return to nature, into a bunch of mud, a drop of water. This, of course, also wish aunt died 16 years later. Throughout the &; Zhou Bingde said. The