Zhou enlai preference for hangzhou MeiGanCai went for the carrot on the keeping in good health

diet anecdotes of premier zhou enlai

preference MeiGanCai

once, with marshal building outside the building restaurants. Because zhou enlai is & other; Repeat & throughout; Hotel know what he likes to eat, and specially prepared for him the two courses: dried vegetable steamed meat, shrimp dry soup. The waiter put the dish on the table, zhou enlai happily said, pointing to dry soup of marshal he long: & other; You try, see the soup in my hometown, than you like hot and sour soup? Throughout the &; Marshal he long after tasting carefully, bother to applaud!

that & other; Dried vegetable steamed meat & throughout; , it is the traditional popular dishes in shaoxing area, having a unique style, has dark dried vegetable and fresh fragrance, sweet, Pork red, delicious meat juice sticky, salty fresh sweet. Zhou enlai like to eat this dish, often recommend to others. He was in guests, often point this dish. On one occasion, he Yuan Xuefen of literature and art circles in Shanghai, Shanghai jinjiang hotel banquet Zhou Xinfang celebrities, such as point is & other; Dried vegetable steamed meat & throughout; . He also used & other; Dried vegetable steamed meat & throughout; Entertain US President Richard Nixon.

once again to work in southern tour, to a meal, he found that the same is & other; Dried vegetable steamed meat & throughout; , on the table and less meat and more myself, entourage much food on the table of meat. He smiled & other; Criticism & throughout; Waiter not alike, and put himself on the table & other; Dried vegetable steamed meat & throughout; End to his entourage of the table.

the waiter’s & other; Vegetables less meat more & throughout; Well, of course, can not know zhou enlai especially prefer MeiGanCai in shaoxing. MeiGanCai, also known as shaoxing dried vegetable. According to historical records, shaoxing dried vegetable & other; Residents of ten nine homemade & throughout; Home cooking, is necessary. Shaoxing has such a proverb: & other; More than dried vegetable stew cooking & throughout; Mean, dried herbs will open appetite, can increase appetite.

food: the punishment after the time-consuming and greasy meat food, meat and dried vegetable & other; Joint & throughout; Is a good idea. , for example, day lily, dried beans, dried bamboo shoot, mushrooms, edible fungus, tremella, such as height bacteria dry type of cooking materials, although appearance is wither, but not in the cooking process for a long time due to the loss of moisture change soft rotten, and can well resolve the fat of meat. In the winter of green vegetables reduce scope for all kinds of dried vegetable is more.

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& other; I just love to eat turnip & throughout;

zhou enlai is a gourmet, he can taste the taste that gives general character not to come out, drink to drink out of the ordinary people not to come out. People are willing to and zhou enlai in a table for dinner, in addition to the touch and talk of happy, also often get some unexpected knowledge.

to entertain foreign guests, zhou enlai can detailed to introduce dozens of Chinese dishes to foreign guests. Before the banquet guests, zhou enlai personally often listed collocation is proper recipe. In normal times, zhou enlai & other; Popular throughout the menu &; Relish. Staple food on the table, he would have watched dry corn high grain of rice, meat and drink millet congee and corn puree; At the dinner table fusi, he likes to eat pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots and other ordinary vegetables. Carrots, for example, dried turnip, cold turnip, coral turnip, stewed radish dishes and turnip dumpling, radish steamed cake, he has a special liking.

it was on May 28, 1958, zhou enlai inspected in nankai university. Come to the school canteen, dinner time is over. The cook was busy tidying, cleaning. He said to the cook, & other; Give me a dish of nickel radish, plus two cents of pickles. Throughout the &; In the end, also add: & other; You don’t give me cook. Throughout the &; The cook had to according to the commandment of premier zhou, give him a plate of carrots and a little pickle.

zhou enlai is the turnip and pickles, ate with relish of corn, the comrades around said: & other; I just like to eat carrots! Throughout the &;

after the food: the punishment in vegetable family, radish reduced: & other; Radish, the doctor is ok & throughout; ; Pharmacologist li shizhen, breath in the compendium of materia medica write radish nine & other; But throughout the &; : & other; Can be born can be cooked, can be Zu sauce, vinegar can be loosened, but sugar can be preserved. Throughout the &; Famous performing artists lirong has mentioned in her skit & other; Radish meeting & throughout; . Is said not over of radish way, way of radish, resist the carrots delicious.