Zhou xun to the bitter woman zhou xun “inventing” yellow “booksellers injustice

zhou xun said the bitter woman zhou xun & ndash; & ndash; love is hurt weapon “fabricating false information, caused great harm to her. To maintain the reputation, she will be the book publishing, books, such as company sued to the court, claim losses of more than 950000 yuan. Yesterday morning, chaoyang court trial the case.

Book this week, according to the

zhou v. Shanghai co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the book this week), jiangsu people’s publishing house co., ltd. and jiangsu phoenix publishing media group co., LTD., Beijing phoenix one force culture development co., LTD issued by the bitter woman zhou xun & ndash; & ndash; love is hurt weapon “, belong to the infringement of stealing its name, and to use her portrait in the book up to 27. Zhou xun said that the book out of thin air, fabricating false information, such as fake & other; When it comes to zhou xun and wang shuo & throughout; For & other; Throughout pregnancy and abortion &; And so on four versions; Also called & other; Huayi boss wang zhonglei & hellip; & hellip; Picked up under the eyes of the petite zhou xun, let zhou xun on their legs & hellip; & hellip; His hand is still free in zhou xun, a hand also touch into the clothes & hellip; & hellip; If two people have intimate behavior, I also don’t know & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Similar description is serious irresponsible false news, give her the sustained damage, serious damage to her reputation.

zhou xun said that her as domestic first-line artists, have high visibility. The four companies borrow its popularity deliberately stunt, making false news, to attract the public attention, so as to improve the sales volume and selling price, to seek huge commercial interests. , she said in her letter to question solution, the other party refused to confess a fault, she is helpless to prosecute the claim loss of 950000 yuan.

trial, the book argues that this week’s story is the zhou xun, are described in this book but have shown a biography, cited zhou xun said on various occasions, contents are arranged on previous news content, not slander, insult. Used in the book zhou xun is legally acquired by about using images, does not constitute infringement. The other three companies agreed to book this week’s plea, don’t think the book is violation of zhou xun’s right of name, image and reputation. These companies also said that star speculation became the main composition of entertainment news, acclaimed, these content & other; Artists to rumours have also been used to laugh it off, some positive response, some do not respond, who thinks since the qing qing & throughout; Reported, this is the entertainment nature, the network media have a lot of such reports, zhou xun and no infringement. The court will set a sentence on the case.