Zhou yunpeng don’t want to easily defined describes himself as “system”

zhou yunpeng is now domestic well-known poet and singer, if you want to add an adjective, I like to use & other; Famous & throughout; Not been mentioned before & other; The blind & throughout; The prefix. His best and magnanimous, don’t need any mercy, and lament of incomplete. He is, he introduced his & other; Zhou yunpeng & throughout; These three words is enough.


& other; Not to return, not fierce, write is an interesting story, many is happy, not complaint. Throughout the &;

shandong business: sales of the “green train” look forward to?

zhou yunpeng: expect the word is very far away from me, book is my hobby, mentality can relax, not to say as a professional so nervous. Was the book also earn much money, signing of royalties is so much, much can sell much money, but hard.

shandong business newspaper: there is a very interesting book details, you just on weibo, said ZuoXiaoZu charm, & other We didn’t company to push each other & throughout; And also tell you 10 o ‘clock in the morning is gold. Now is the microblogging control?

zhou yunpeng:’s love, in the evening. I still calculate very abstemious, because on a weibo ran out for hours. Sometimes can not is not, content is oneself do.

shandong business newspaper: someone questioned your weibo is someone to take care of, reason is very simple, think you are blind.

zhou yunpeng: I’m in weibo is very easy, they don’t have any in science estimate, the spacecraft are heaven, weibo voice is very simple. Say these people are not willing to human vision, is a very strange psychology and expectation, feel that the deaf can hear music, blind people can’t be texting, weibo. But he can believe in ghosts and gods superstition, heaven fell pie, or where the gold.

shandong business newspaper: new book named “green train”, main is novel, miss is to sit on the green train show times?

zhou yunpeng: this article is a party, opening famous than the other articles, as the name of the book is good sell, on behalf of the style of the book. Tell the story about the train, remember I since the childhood life, so also is not to return, also is not fierce, writing is an interesting story, many is happy, not complaint.

shandong business newspaper: chai jing book “green train” for you to write a preface, the book also mentioned the relationship and Mr Luo people, these are the maverick, you think you are?

zhou yunpeng: should be right, birds of a feather flock together, make friends should choose people interested in you, caress you aesthetic standards. Said, in fact also allow, which is completely naked people, very horrible. Society people always want to wear clothes, can’t be naked outside, people want to have clothes on the body, spirit is not naked. Such as how you see a girl in mind, but love or other possible use for packing. Too naked instead of nature. Someone with elegance, literature and art, and with the rude and sensual installed. Clothing is natural, but this world with the original study is not natural. I haven’t seen don’t disguise, met a I will stay away from, gruesome. Some people like to say: & other; My mouth is very straight, say you bad don’t worry about it. Throughout the &; This kind of person who is willing to deal with. Around me make is measured, not completely naked, very comfortable.


& other; Patient listening than writing more humility, more worthy of respect. Throughout the &;

shandong business newspaper: once the performance, you said: & other; Thank you, and the patience of listening than writing more humble, more worthy of respect. Throughout the &; Those in the audience screamed, chorus of people really understand you?

zhou yunpeng: they like you is good, is to respect you, respect your music, then you say understand don’t understand me, I don’t know. Actually I also not understand oneself, you have self-knowledge, very difficult, you don’t know you, why are demanding others understand you. For example, to buy a ticket, buy records, meet by chance I would appreciate it. Thank you for them.

shandong business newspaper: ZuoXiaoZu mantra once told me that the record is to sell expensive, let those who feel, listen to the music left little cows. You become famous, is a kind of hype?

zhou yunpeng: actually, we also can’t distinguish what is hype, normal to introduce myself. As a singer hopes more people will know that we, of course, is not to say that want to live to 20 people, is not allowed to 30, the more the better. I’ll put your strengths, sent by opinion through the media. Said his real advantages, promote their strengths, not hype. I say I can fly to heaven, can really fly not hype, if false information constantly, said it is hype.