Zhou zuoren brothers estrangement into the secret Wanted to translate pornographic novel

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zhou zuoren (second left) with his wife

the publication of zhou zuo-ren translation corpora, 11 million – word translation were collected for the first time

reporter has learned, by zhou zuoren researchers check famous temples compilation of complete works “zhou zuoren translation forthcoming. It is reported, compile the set of books, check Mr Guan ejection takes 15 years. Zhou zuoren life ZhuYi handed down about 11 million words, including translation works in more than half. Nearly half a century, however, zhou zuoren’s translation achievements have been covered by his political problems.

new book shelves, check the leftover accepted our interview. He told the reporters, & other; Zhou zuoren’s translation work is worthy of the cultural heritage in the 20th century. For the study of the translation of Chinese literature in the 20th century, the ancient Greek, Japanese classical literature, in particular, the rheological study of modern Chinese literature and language, since the new culture movement of modern Chinese intellectual history, zhou zuoren’s translation achievement is not around the past precious academic materials. Throughout the &;