“Zhu rongji spoke a memoir,” for the most part XuanZai published for the first time

Beijing, Sept. 14 (Reuters) speak to zhu shi lu “(first volume to the fourth volume), recently has been published by the people’s publishing house.

272 income in speak to zhu shi lu photo, comment on writing, letters and inscription photocopies of 30 pieces. Into the book of the manuscripts, according to zhu attend the important meeting and reviewing research to talk to the local governments, departments of audio and video data, text transcript and script editor, for the most part is published for the first time. Zhu by examination into the book of all the manuscripts.

people press authorized news published some articles to readers.

for learning and a * [1]

(on April 1, 1992)

40 years ago, professor Alma mater chapter of tao, director of the department in a meeting, we talked about such a words:

& other; You have come to tsinghua, should not only learn how to learn, to learn how to be more. Young people want to learn first, then learn to learn. Is not good, to learn again good, also may be a black sheep in every flock. Learning is, first of all is when a Chinese character. Throughout the &;

philosopher has gone, the tune. Tsinghua university is to teach us to learn and teach us a place. It by rigorous style of study and the revolutionary tradition, has nurtured generations of dedicated to the revolution and the construction of the motherland & other; Support Chinese & throughout; . Drinking water source, lifelong unforgettable.

learn in strict, strict earnest, rigorous truth-seeking, and teacher can I.

be positive, fair, rectitude, and theirs is.

tsinghua university electrical engineering department HangNian 60, six thousand disciples, for people to learn, talented people. On the occasion of the building is the 60th anniversary of daqing, chapter JingLu division, is willing to share with students.

[1] *?? It was comrade zhu rongji He Wen written by the tsinghua university electrical engineering department of the 60th anniversary of the building.

fake commodities affect the image of the country * [1]

(on August 25, 1993)

the fake and inferior commodities should be examined strictly, you here is the final one pass, can not get here, just went to abroad, a serious problem that affects the image of our country. Recently, I see a lot of material, in Russia is related to reflect our fake and inferior commodities is too much, seriously affected the reputation of our country.

fake and inferior commodities harm is great, must be stuck to counterfeit and shoddy goods, don’t let them pass. On fake and shoddy goods, the country is not development, is not prosperity, there is no future.

how to solve the problem of fake and inferior commodities going abroad? I want to no more than two.