Zhu yuanzhang because of have no culture with “vernacular” hair imperial edict: kill again

is a peasant, and it is near, zhu yuanzhang cattle for a landlord when you were a child, can’t read, he first class is basic of life is suffering and sad. At that time everyone called him & other; Zhu heavy eight & throughout; , like in the old cow butt all day come to pick up dung egg, even didn’t stick to this situation a few years, before long, his house there so dry that toad died also, suffered after calamity, again serious plague, this time his father, mother, brother, sister, has died, so miserable situation suddenly are met, let the child can’t, he went to the imperial temple line when the child, but this time even to weight the monastery, necessity was temple severance, so when the monk, to travel back four years later. After things all have already written history, is nothing but zhu heavy eight to participate in the uprising, came to the throne of the emperor, this inner pain can only know his own.

because since the childhood have no culture, after he when the emperor still use vernacular issue imperial edict, except this is since the ancient times the most fresh the imperial edict, this identity due to the emperor, he was suddenly unexpectedly led & other; Throughout the movement &; , is the real & other; Art and literature leaders throughout the &; .

than serious tone and content of the imperial edict, read his colloquialism imperial edict, always feel funny, there is a thing, some islands have the enemy pounce, local officials asked to do, zhu yuanzhang said an imperial edict, & other; Mukden carrier, emperor zhao yue, tell the people, each (s), ready for the knife, the guys come and kill again. Qin here. Throughout the &; China’s feudal monarchy was long, vast imperial edict mostly machine-made, so concise and to the point of imperial edict only he can want to come out, I’m afraid. Don’t need any secretarial ghost, just & other; Bluntly & throughout; , I want to say what say what, I said what is what, it seems zhu yuanzhang really not the kui is a world first.