Zhu yuanzhang is music connoisseur God for sacrifices to heaven and earth mountains and construction

many of you know, old jinling 48 landscape had & other; God joy send & throughout; One scene. To learn details, however, it may be, it is not a lot.

after its capital, that is, begin to build the palace temple in club, which is in today spanking-new gwanghwamun (Ming said qianmen) outside the southeast region, with large scale, to sacrifice to heaven and earth mountains and rivers & other Big sacrifice altar & throughout; , & other Mountains and rivers altar & throughout; , etc., and accompanied by a series of ancillary buildings, among them are built in the eleventh year of hongwu (1378) & other; God optimistic & throughout; . From the ancient & other; Throughout the Ming capital figure &; As you can see, in the realms of optimism is located in god altar with mountains and rivers, whose nature is & other; For the rural temple XiLe throughout the &; , that is, specifically for sacrifices to heaven and earth mountains and rivers of music and dance event services, name & other; God optimistic & throughout; . There may be some readers don’t know, in terms of music, zhu yuanzhang can calculate going up is adept, he attaches great importance to music, so as the god of music and dance institutions optimistic, organizational scale is unusual.

nanjing at that time a total of two observatory, medium 16, 50 small view. Two of them, a chaotian palace, another is the god. Although the jurisdiction of chaotian palace is the Taoist center, is the main management center of nanjing temple, but the optimism of god is not subject to its jurisdiction. It does not directly under temple too often, and is equipped with six is tasted points and eight is tasted knowledge view in charge. All view has 62 people, song 12 people, lead dance 2 people, 1 association law of lang. Nothing Wu Liang dance group, who was born in 62 with dance, and dance teacher 2 people, a total of 130 people. Musicians, two teams amounted to more than 200 people, said 600 people), both for the monks.

god’s optimism in the dance, with a set of strict selection, training, evaluation, selection and feeding system, members of all is a young monk, studied training, long enough to spare. During the spring and autumn when, south of the emperor to sacrifice, the whole process has a set of grand accompanied by music, in a show of faith to the gods of heaven and earth. In addition, the serious famine and held court has significant events and ritual activities, also is god optimistic band playing.

god optimistic site is much bigger than chaotian palace, there is the gate, halls, galleries, ancestral hall, dining room, warehouse, some public house, such as housing, monastery where room 147, and pavilions. Zhu di zhu yuanzhang died shortly after Beijing trusted him & other; Jing difficult & throughout; Emperor, breached the nanjing, his whereabouts are unknown. There is a kind of folk wisdom is very wide, when his is from the palace to god optimism authentic absconding in the escape.

Ming wu, after the great optimism has converted the temple of god, to the middle of qing dynasty, god began to decline, as the years went by, the ancient god optimism has long been submerged in history. Cultural relics census, in 1982, in the heaven god village, west of jiangsu metallurgical machinery factory found in the original optimistic li spring stone and stone is well within the bar, and shut the door near the remaining ones. Shut the door called & other; View the door & throughout; , that is, god optimistic gate site. The city tube will demonstrate, ishii column, stone, ancient relics is optimistic god, has been listed as heritage conservation units.