Zhuge liang “east wind” is just trick mystery in the yi jing throttle diagrams

the romance of The Three Kingdoms zhuge liang jun east wind fire warships in the battle of red cliff, liu coalition forces fight against longer odds, jun, a heavy defeat in The Three Kingdoms tripartite confrontation thus established. Zhuge liang east wind this story has been a household name, people often relish in at one’s leisure. But as long as calm and consider, people can not help but ask, can ZhuGeLiangZhen east wind? If not, then what’s inside this mystery?

actually, & other; East wind & throughout; Entirely zhuge liang to play tricks. Zhuge liang since without tongtian church can, of course, also can’t borrow dongfeng a use. Dongfeng this own, just know, zhuge liang to understand the book, understanding of climate change, and make the most of the small and weak army east wind force of an optimum.

with astronomical in yi jing, there are twelve hexagrams corresponding to the twelve months of the year, every month of the throttle and climate has the corresponding rules to follow, and in accordance with the principle of “the book of changes”. In the various ge is bright east wind, when the time for the lunar October, on the hexagrams kun hexagrams, is pure Yin hexagrams, cathode sun, October the temperature for a few days to recover, so have a Indian summer climate. The various ge is bright east wind, is to use the climate conditions. The warship chain up, also from his astronomical knowledge, and climate. Ship chain is advantageous to the water, just afraid of fire. But jun water army in the upper Yangtze river, is located in the northwest, dongwu water army in downstream, located in the southeast, the lunar October is winter, northwest wind blowing, soochow lack fire conditions. To this, zhuge liang and zhou yu knew. Therefore, zhou yu’s worry, worry worry hearts that interfered with syncope. So zhuge liang stage, therefore, the east wind. The real reason behind this is zhuge liang according to yi jing, know three days before and after a certain climate, southeast wind will turn. He is rule the day, so affectation east wind, soldiers fire, over cao cao. Cao Caobing defeated red cliff, fled back to the north, I see the book, can not help but laugh. The surprise, asked his defeat, how ridiculous. Cao cao said, I am so much cost, only understand the period of “the book of changes”. This is the lunar October to climate change.

solar terms in the hexagrams contains for military password. Corresponding to the lunar October he sticks and day is the beginning of winter, air is light snow. Also regularly during the other months. After November, also known as the son, corresponding sticks and a Yang primary. Day is a heavy snow, is the winter solstice. Night on the winter solstice, the longest, the lowest temperature and marching operational conditions. Later, the days get longer and the temperature rising. At the beginning of December, corresponding to the hexagrams in the jersey, hexagram and second hexagram is Yang hexagram, Yang rising, cold heat outside human body, digestion is strong, the officers and men have a good appetite, physical strength is good. Day is a slight cold, air is a severe cold. Said in the first month in January, also called Yin, corresponding day Thai hexagrams, within three Yang hexagram, reason has & other; Throughout the three Yang kaitai, &; Say, heaven and earth and the sympathetic, people thought action, appropriate planning for military action. Festival is spring, is the rain. February is every month, corresponding ray big strong minds. Section is surprised zhi, qi is the vernal equinox. Insects awaken section, thunderbolt, ringing, underground dormant awakening of worm hole, called insects awaken. At this point, the human spirit strong, appropriate to carry out military action. In march, corresponding day Guai divination. Guai hexagrams, sticks to the outside, against the jersey, inside is dry, dry for days. Numbers, according to Yang can finish will all rise. Day is qingming festival, gas is grain rain. The tomb-sweeping day, the day clear air, and the wind blow gently, it is the most pleasant, appropriate forces. April, corresponding to the originality, six hexagram pure Yang, Yang to poles, so very hot in April, the most uncomfortable. Originality of pure Yang, anode Yin is born, so the temperature will drop for a few days of April, may blow a few days before and after the throttle mistral. Day is the beginning, gas is grain buds. In may, the corresponding day wind Gou hexagrams, early hexagram Yin hexagram. Section is the grain in ear, is the summer solstice. Summer solstice a Yin, raw energy begins to recovery, items is easy to return to moistureproof mildew, the human body needs maintenance. Corresponding tianshan dun hexagrams, June day is a slight heat, gas is great heat, known as the dog days. Because terms like outside is pure Yang, inside are two Yin Yang, Yin qi, in vitro fallen cold heat, surface in the radiation energy, internal energy storage in contraction, people poor appetite, physical strength is quite poor. Section corresponding to the heavens and the earth no divination, July is the beginning of autumn, is the end of heat. At this point, the difference between heaven and earth, all books, reason has said of the autumn wind swept the leaves, and kill the mood was launched, the appropriate implementation of annihilation. Corresponding to view hexagrams wind, August is the millennium, gas is the autumnal equinox. Equinox as the vernal equinox, the climate is suitable, the day is long. Corresponding mountain shell divination in September, is cold dew, gas is frost. The appropriate Numbers for the five Yin Yang, modest back inside.

“I ching” extensive and profound, and its military application is secret, the author to its diameter, here is just beginning, for newcomers.

(author unit: national defense university)