Zhuge liang to put his ideas into different annotation controversial: henan and hubei?

people’s education press (hereinafter referred to as & other; Pep throughout the &;) Based education bureau and Beijing normal university press published textbooks of “the model”, “intelligent” two paper & other; Nanyang & throughout; The annotation of the word is very different. After the media exposure, caused heated debate on the Internet, and caught the attention of academic circles. Around this problem, the reporter interviewed concerned expert scholar. Unexpected is, different versions of textbooks for & other; Nanyang & throughout; Behind the different explanations, turns out to be & other; The various ge is bright to put his ideas into & throughout; The academic debate and the interests of the local economic development.

& other; Nanyang & throughout; Xiangyang, hubei and henan nanyang

online there is a textbook for o ‘clock comments questioning: & other; “Intelligent” nanyang, has nothing to do with xiangyang. Nanyang ZhuGeLu, also and xiangyang goes and & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

the current “Chinese” in the days of the eighth grade schools are “intelligent” for & other; Nanyang & throughout; Comments: & other; Nanyang, county name, zhuge liang’s retreat for put his ideas into in longzhong, deng county belongs to nanyang county. Throughout the &; Mean, zhuge liang to put his ideas into the ancient nanyang county, hubei xiangyang city longzhong today. And the Beijing normal university version of “Chinese” grade nine part ii of the “intelligent” will & other; Nanyang & throughout; Comments for & other; Nanyang, today henan nanyang & throughout; .

similarly, reporters found that the two press in the textbooks of “the model” & other; Nanyang & throughout; Explains the differences also appear. To this, nanyang zhuge liang to institute a comrade in an interview with the financial times reporter, the pep & other; Nanyang & throughout; Xiangyang is the explanation of room for development, with the help of teaching material is to be the referee of academic results.

press: different comments have based on

& other; Nanyang & throughout; In today’s henan nanyang or hubei xiangyang city longzhong, academia is uncertain. But whether textbooks, editor of the compulsory education stage should be unified comments? Is there a unified audit institutions teaching material itself? Based education at Beijing normal university press bureau junior high school textbook editor picture tells a reporter, there is no unified institutions to audit of textbooks, press according to their respective according to annotate. This is done, mainly as a textbook in order to achieve the diversification, avoid a view alone. Picture stressed: & other; Not unify the whole country’s point of view, according to a standard is not necessary. Throughout the &;

o ‘clock “language” grade eight top volume editor He Min told the reporters: & other; In general, our textbook notes based on the ancient place names. This annotation is an expert in our organization for discussion later. As long as the textbook published by pep annotation is consistent, there is no problem, there is no need to consider how other press comment. Throughout the &;

the Zhang Zhaoze said: & other; Compare the pep agree & lsquo; Nanyang & rsquo; Is hubei xiangyang said. We tend to & lsquo; Nanyang & rsquo; Henan nanyang area today. But to avoid appear in textbooks bias, we in the heart of the “longzhong on” & lsquo; Longzhong & rsquo; Annotate: & lsquo; Say in henan today, said today (Monday) in hubei today. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

scholars: textbooks should be beyond the interests of

the textbook annotation problem, academic circles have any comment?

at the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher at the institute of history Chen Shaodi in an interview with the financial times reporter, bnu edition textbooks for & other; Nanyang & throughout; Comments & other; Today henan nanyang & throughout; Is not accurate, it should be & other; Nanyang, county name. Including today in nanyang, henan and hubei xiangfan area & throughout; . Schools are teaching materials for & other; Nanyang & throughout; Interpretation is correct.

to the point of view, “henan big dictionary” the standing executive editor Shi Xiaosheng opposition. He thinks, to pep & other; Nanyang & throughout; Comments are not careful. He said: & other; Issues of no conclusion, the story of the treatment method is, either & lsquo; The two said & rsquo; Destinations, or no comment. No one in the history of historian of & lsquo; Put his ideas into the nanyang & rsquo; Made note, including Chen shou “reflection”. So far, this is a controversial issues, no conclusion textbooks can’t himself when the referee; Otherwise it will give their offspring conveys the idea of incorrect knowledge of enlightenment. Throughout the &;

at the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher at the institute of history, China also put forward, the wei jin southern and northern dynasties history association secretary-general liang manchang for & other; Nanyang & throughout; Comments if single means & other; Today henan nanyang & throughout; Not enough is in order. Because with & other; Xiangyang said & throughout; & compared to other Nanyang said & throughout; The literature support is much less.

in fact, the word (s) in the ancient books, place names, such as proper nouns explain different phenomenon is not uncommon. Ministry of education of China’s basic education course education science research institute, director of the center for nine Yang interpretation, different versions of textbooks for & other; Nanyang & throughout; , & other Longzhong & throughout; Interpretation, as long as it is based on professional and academic normal choice, is no other economic interests, there is no either/or problem.

in the interview, scholars generally believed that the textbooks textbooks for compulsory education stage, different from the general public communication carrier, on the content should be more rigorous and more scientific. For unresolved issues, the textbook can’t literally to conclusions, more can’t get into controversies surrounding market interests. A researcher at the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of philosophy Zhao Ting Yang pointed out that & other; Nanyang struggle & throughout; Is a historical problem, but if the economic interests involved, then it is not just academic debate!