ZhuoWenJun li qingzhao was “four big woman figure” talented woman a new division (FIG.)

integration of well-known painter jun-ying wang new “four big woman figure”

in China for thousands of years of history, anonymous female annals, famous & other; A talented & throughout; Is a handful. Recently, the integration of the famous female painter jun-ying wang on & other; Four women in ancient China & throughout; Theme created paintings “four big woman figure”, & other; Wonderful melody, figuring out sorrow and beautiful sound heartbroken throughout the Hu Jia 18 pat &; CAI wenji, & other; Go first female star & throughout; The wonderful view, & other; Broken okho ice, rotten YaoTai month, wan however if tree, MuRe wind & throughout; Book SAN wang xizhi enlightenment teacher WeiFuRen, & other; They judged the yuan crown & throughout; Zhao Meng e ? ? ˉ’s wife, & LDQ Not the first lady & throughout; GuanDaoSheng etc & other; The big four talented woman & throughout; Selected, the painting has caused the broad masses of netizens.

for piano, chess, calligraphy and painting from different fields to identify four represents the highest level of ancient & other Female star & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; CAI wenji, wonderful view, WeiFuRen, GuanDaoSheng as & other; Four women in ancient China & throughout; This new division standard of a collection of most netizens said & other; Basic in principle & throughout; That & other; The concept of general than ever before and the lack of credibility, seemed to be more scientific and convincing & throughout; And think it a “four big woman figure” & other; Innovative, highly & throughout; , but there are also many netizens this is a western diplomat.

Internet & other; AnZiXi throughout her andie &; Said the eye just just just just know, dare to love dare to hate, write down the ages masterpiece “old songs” ZhuoWenJun is & other; Through the ages the first crisis & throughout; Leakage should not be chosen; The net friend & other; Liu Wenwen don’t understand, li bai & throughout; Both said prince li qingzhao women virtuous and a man of resolute, have lofty ideal and heroic aspirations, and knowledgeable talented, poetry, prose and ci are innovated, especially in the aspect of word for complete individual, & other; Can’t enter the li qingzhao & lsquo; The big four talented woman & rsquo; , then who else is qualified? Throughout the &; The other net friend said, her, Xu Hui, waner shangguan, zhu shuzhen, yuwen soft slave ancient woman also is very good, jun-ying wang’s “four big woman figure” due to the limited quotas & other Is some partiality, suggested that next time painting a picture of the top ten women figure make up for the regret! Throughout the &;