Zi-dong xu: young people forget history but continue to use the “cultural revolution” logic

& have spent & other; Zi-dong xu, a teacher, often on television, on television when he spent most of his time listening & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Douban’s & other; Zi-dong xu team & throughout; , netizens to Hong Kong lingnan university Chinese department dean, professor zi-dong xu, vividly depicted his nearly 10 years to frequent appearances on the “I” in the image. However, from his home in Shanghai, reporters in an interview, zi-dong xu for this & other; Description & throughout; Disagree. & other; I still feel so much more I said, the somebody else also often say I talk, so I just say something less, anyway, money is the same. Throughout the &;

unlike the serious image on TV, in the process of the interview, zi-dong xu talk, humor humor and wit. This funny & other; The style is the man & throughout; To reflect on the newly published by people’s literature publishing house “zi-dong xu notes” in the three volumes: volume, volume 2, respectively, included zi-dong xu’s & other; The cultural revolution narration & throughout; Research and study on Eileen chang, yu dafu academic works, volume three to ten years in the media for him comments collection. & other; Title notes, is selected. The people’s literature publishing house is the official press, for & lsquo; Selection & rsquo; This term has a set of control system,, MAO dun and ba jin can call a selection or anthology, but ordinary people is not can call anthology. Throughout the &;

missing the Li Tuo comments novel

reporter: in the summer of 1989, you get to the university of Chicago. The same with zai-fu liu, Li Tuo and Huang Ziping of going abroad. You said zai-fu liu & other; From thoughts to emotional melody very & throughout; , Li Tuoze & other; More and more ideological discourse operation & throughout; .

zi-dong xu: yes! Zai-fu liu is confused. In fact, he is not so much a literary critic, he is a good cadre. He met what thing, will always be & other; We, we & throughout; And he said & other; Throughout our &; On behalf of the leadership management. For example, I go to see the monet exhibition, he said & other; Throughout our side isn’t doing a good job &; & ndash; When the mainland had kept him view, when the enemy at one point he cannot return home & ndash; We feel very funny. He is a very the person of the mainstream ideology, should continue to do leadership, he missed the chance.

Li Tuo specialty is to comment on the novel was very good, his novels such as the roots of China in the 1980 s, the avant-garde & hellip; & hellip; Helped to feel good. But later, he married Liu He Liu He is professor at Columbia University, is very good, but the point is to the left a bit, so he probably has also been affected, now considered & other; The new left & throughout; The representative figure of. We all thought & ndash; Not only I a person & ndash; Li Tuo ideology is not specialty, we miss him comment on novels of that kind of feeling.

reporter: when zhu rongji visited Chicago, Li Tuo said he can as prime minister. You said comment & other How a novel critics of China, there are so acute political smell & throughout; . It’s ironic?

zi-dong xu: can’t say that. This is praise, really is praise. We see zhu in Chicago, at that time he was the mayor of Shanghai, Li Tuo suddenly thought of prime minister zhu rongji will do in the future, you have to admire. I the meaning of this sentence, the first is to praise him; Second, is the Chinese people in the literary world in politics really badly. Li Tuo zeng’s classmate, when you were reading a cadre of a primary school in Beijing, is probably the reason, so particularly sensitive. By comparison, harootunian don’t even know who is zhu, though many people think harootunian is very political in the overseas scholars.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; The consequences of the forgotten, and the premise in the continuation of

reporter: it is in the university of Chicago visit this time, you start & other The cultural revolution narration & throughout; Research. Before you go abroad in the east China normal university study, yu dafu, but immediately after going abroad to & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; . If the foreign & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Research is very popular?

zi-dong xu: no, not popular. Overseas for & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Attitude is like met a whiner: all Chinese speak & other The cultural revolution & throughout; , they are tired of learning. So, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Abroad is the box office, the book also sell is bad, unless it is to write something, that can be sold. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Domestic real readers should be.

if want to say what is the effect of environment, may be relatively less taboo. Then at the university of Chicago, we each have a research project, zai-fu liu research, Li Tuo research hair style, revolutionary historical novel Huang Ziping research is literature in the 1950 s, I will study in the 80 s & other; The cultural revolution narration & throughout; . I am influenced by foucault discourse theory, hope that through text analysis to explain Chinese contemporary political discourse, also be indirect response to the political reality of China. If you say & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Research is the demand of overseas market, I will, in turn, said a words: many people think that there is no good writing & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Work, because of the limitation of domestic, is completely wrong. So many people, over the years has run to the overseas, what also didn’t write great works.

reporter: your & other; The cultural revolution narration & throughout; In the study, summed up in the 1980 s for & other; The cultural revolution narration & throughout; Four types: disaster stories, historical reflection, the absurd narrative and & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Memory. Do you think these narrative actually belong to & other; From the cultural revolution & throughout; Or & other; Forget the cultural revolution & throughout; .

zi-dong xu: it should be said that the first, second and four belong to & other; From the cultural revolution & throughout; Or & other; Forget the cultural revolution & throughout; The orientation, and the third is not big. When the 60th anniversary National Day parade in 2009, before a MAO zedong square with the second phalanx is natural cohesion, people see this is a whole sixty years, & other; Brush! Throughout the &; To the past, it was totally cut off in the middle of things. So the friend said, forgetting engineering of China is very successful. I can give a more specific examples, explain why I think this is an important research topic. About two years ago, I in guangdong foshan do a about & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Literary speech, finished her speech, a young man, a serious expression, stood up and asked me a question, say, we see a lot about & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Story, is a capitalist offences, the persecution of intellectuals, but all of these persecuted capitalist roaders, intellectuals, there is less than 10% or 5% of the population of country, is a time when if said that the country is 6.7 billion people, and only tens of millions of people, they add up to 90% of the people there is no direct victims. Today 90% of the people, in turn, is the vulnerable groups, drive BMW, do business, master of economic power is 5%, 10%, what do you think of this situation?

reporter: ask too good! How do you answer?

zi-dong xu: that’s great, isn’t it? You see, this is called forgotten engineering. He asked the question, the audience listening to people is in the desired face looking at me, his reaction is the most serious moment in the whole process of speech.

this is wrong, why a lot of people now feel to? This is the big problem in particular, is doing very well. Simple said: the first, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; What happened, China is not 5%, 10% of the victims, but 100% even the focus, even & other; The gang of four & throughout; And MAO zedong are suffering the & ndash; If it weren’t for this matter, they can live better in history. Those who interrogates others, at that time has some superiority, actually is also a victim. Why people don’t see it now? Because the history is one-sided ignored. Have the responsibility to tell the story: they’re always telling the story, do not speak common people’s ordinary life, they put the blank; Officials now, of course, also have the responsibility to screen, MAO zedong in 1949 after the image was done not have. We all see chairman MAO in film, TV, have you seen after 1949, chairman MAO? No!!!! Think about it, why are the great leader would not be in the movie in 1949 and beyond? A whole generation of young people have this question? Didn’t! This is not a comprehensive weak-minded!

this is not, young people forget the history, but also exists in & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Logic: think of a society into 90% is good, 10% is not good. The idea is & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Of the premise. Today, a lot of people are in use on the network analysis of the thinking of today’s Chinese reality. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; The consequences of the forgotten, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; On the premise of continued.

reporter: what kind of work that is face & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; ?

zi-dong xu: & other; The absurd narrative & throughout; Is that although it only in the vanguard literature. This is a kind of complex narrative, this narrative also will be more pain: first, in art, it challenges the aesthetic view of most people; Second, in politics, it challenges the mainstream ideology. It has been going on, such as jia pingwa “ancient stove”.

in fact, Chinese vanguard writers have not to give up this & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Narrative, we just see on mass media, ideological management don’t let it turned into a TV series, movies, it let the writer on the edge of a corner, let you write, also you win, return your status & ndash; Yes, people don’t watch & ndash; You write in the vanguard of again good, they also look not to understand. So, now is not to say that have no face & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Narrative, but this kind of narrative marginalized, the cause of the marginalized consciously form management, there are commercial society after the public psychology, media and so on various reasons. Novels such as “brother” should be made into a film, should have the solid film. Now in what movie? Are doing something had nothing to do with us, “hero”, “gold armour”, and more recently the jinling thirteen women, are all with erotic one-sided history, let you feel very good, actually is something without any political controversy.

holding shallow and I mean is my

reporter: some things especially the problem of point will be misunderstood by others, this is the price on TV?

zi-dong xu: yes, I also can say so. My principle is that once on TV that once crossing the line to another line, don’t think of themselves as intellectuals, professor, you are a citizen’s responsibility, is a stranger a. So, I’m not in a professor and dean of the department’s identity to talk about these ideas. But now everything has gone wrong, because you once to media, identity is changed, the audience has changed. Speak at your university lectures, academic meeting, no one will scold you, right? Even if people think you’re boring, most wouldn’t listen. But once to speak to the media & ndash; & ndash; Saying offensive point, equal to the original tenor in the concert hall singing, ran to the square to sing, to give you lost money, & other; Oh, nice voice! Throughout the &; But at this time, if you still want to get recognized, is impossible. The situation has changed, the audience has changed, misunderstanding is inevitable.

There was a

reporter: douban & other; Zi-dong xu & throughout; Group, said that while you were on the show & other Throughout most of the time all listening &; Today, but I found that you are a very talkative person.

zi-dong xu: talk shows there is a rhythm, holding the subject derivation, so always said he, at the same time he also served as a question of civilians from the perspective of role, often one thing happened, he said people how to see first, and then I will try to follow for from the perspective of the other. In a nutshell, is holding stupid, we are smart, we have to try to mainstream views of the President of the people, some different opinions.

I think my words were really much ah, anyway I said it is the thought of, can’t say will not say. But I usually late to talk, I was in the third part mainly talk. Because I didn’t do prepare in advance, they are ready, so most of my words are of improvisation, which like my everyday the habit of writing, it can absorb the front are the benefits of the opinions of two people, then I can say something different; The downside is that you have to say something different.

reporter: holding said, for is knowledgeable, zi-dong xu is mean. Do you agree with?

zi-dong xu: malicious attacks! Ha ha, now speak a little one-liners, of course, not mean, holding said his own shallow! Holding is shallow, I mean also pack, only learned is really for.