Zunyi appear “time tunnel” through the phone time back after 1 hour

zunyi now & other; Throughout the time tunnel &; Through the phone back 1 hours after

zhunyi city center, there is a tunnel using a cell phone operators, through the tunnel, the phone will display & other time One hour back & throughout; . Allegedly this kind of phenomenon has lasted for almost a year, the reporter experience, ten times eight times is such, the other two showed normal. Yesterday, the operator test, did not see abnormalities.

the people called & other; Throughout the time tunnel &; Within the territory of tunnel, is located in zhunyi safflower district GuanJing south tunnel. It is understood that the tunnel more than 400 meters long, has for several years, but the first was found through the mobile phone display & time when other Will be back one hour & throughout; , it is in the first half of last year.

, according to a number of participants is they use a mobile phone operators, number and subordinate department of the operators. & other; Into the tunnel of time, assuming that time is 9 o ‘clock in the morning, at 8 out of the tunnel becomes 01. Throughout the &; An eyewitness says, he goes to work at a nearby, every day through the tunnel, almost every day to meet this kind of situation, but not so every time.

eyewitnesses said that after leaving the tunnel about nearly a kilometer, the time on the phone will automatically return to normal. & other; Time reversal & throughout; , and only occurs in the operator’s mobile phone, number, and other operators mobile phone does not appear abnormal.

as we have learned, in view of this phenomenon, there are a variety of local speculation. Some people think that, after this is affected by the magnetic field, a specific mobile phone and number, a brief timing function disorder; There are also people who believe that may be caused by short shielding signal; Others analysis said that may be different operators, mobile phone, number, timing in different ways, and the tunnel environment, affecting the normal timing. However, more and more people are joked that & other; This is the zunyi & lsquo; Time and space tunnel & rsquo; Throughout, fun &; .