170000 sell qianlong YuBi 78 million brothers experts, fraud

with countless troubles of qianlong YuBi song YangHanBai figure, auction, transfer from 170000 yuan to 170000 yuan including the rights and wrongs of who can speak understand?

the plaintiff and the defendant repeatedly mentioned seal

recently, the domestic market of art appraisal and set off a storm.

in 2009, zhengzhou zhu and his brother sold at 170000 yuan of heirloom YuBi painting “song YangHanBai figure”, was in 2010 at an auction for the high price of 78 million yuan, if it is on the commission, clinch a deal valence is as high as 87.36 million yuan. Nearly 500 times of divide, make Zhu Yun feel into the treasure evaluation experts cloud-l trap, so the other side the dock.

the whole process of trading, think the plaintiff & other; Experts and buyers play looks & throughout; Or the defendant argues that & other; Absolutely fair trade & throughout; ? This event has not been clear. After zhengzhou city intermediate people’s court of the second deliberation, this case on suspicion of criminal fraud, decided to transfer of zhengzhou city public security bureau of investigation.

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thought picked up cheap

who ChengXiang liabilities 20000

on January 9, henan the sky was covered with a layer of fog, it hasn’t been clear up, much like Zhu Yun brothers at the moment of mood.

After seeing Zhu Yun,

he politely ask reporters to certificate inspection, & other; Please understand that I was tricked into fear, for this case, I put in too much, did not have a car, also back the $20000 of debt, afraid of accidentally, unthreatening. Throughout the &; Zhu Yun said, & other; Actually I originally is a very optimistic person, hobby is much more special, in units of the somebody else all say I will order anything except gave birth to the child not, now what interest is lost. Throughout the &;

Zhu Yun 66 – year – old, who lives in zhengzhou city economic zone. He sold it a few years ago the song YangHanBai figure from grandfather handed down in his hand. According to its introduction, because don’t know the picture of the true and false, family always put it in the box, on top of the cupboard, at ordinary times no one to touch it. He saw on TV the treasure two henan TV & other; The door of the hua yu & throughout; , and my brother decided to take the old painting let experts gave a name to identify it.

at the end of September, 2009, the brothers with a picture to show the audition site, paid 100 yuan fee, to a number of experts such as treasure in line. Zhu Yun said, he is in charge of the ancient painting and calligraphy class expert cloud-l after seeing the picture, & other; Specially glasses looked at carefully, and then call us behind the table, let’s go to his hotel in the evening, tell us something about the picture, left his phone number. Throughout the &;