1894 old photographs, “chongqing porters” exposure system by foreigners (FIG.)

about 1894, Australian George & middot; Ernest & middot; Morrison and several chongqing porters.

before liberation of chongqing porters (British Warren hong) reporter Zou Fei remake

north train station, the two have a fixed business scope & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; Is helping passengers carry items. Reporter Zhang Luqiao taken

reporter rngace

& other; Force elder brother! To pick up things! Throughout the &; Walking in the streets of chongqing, often can hear the call. As one of chongqing’s most famous professional, & other The elder brother of the force & throughout; Image already thorough popular feeling, a bamboo tube, a rope, this is the power of people impression in the elder brother never change. However, chongqing & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; The image of the same really? Now find the elder brother of the first photo, taken in 1894, recently released online in one hundred, their attire and equipment along with the development of The Times, actually has been changed also. Yesterday, the reporter found in chongqing three gorges museum of China, chongqing local history expert Tang Yeze, he told the reporters, chongqing & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; The history, older than most people think.


the emergence of chongqing port

name: porters, who work scope: water terminal equipment: wooden pole

recently, began circulating on the net some old photos of the late qing dynasty, because of many photos taken in the dock, so the little also not & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; In the image. These hundred years ago & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; Aroused the interest of many Internet users. For & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; The origin of the profession, some people think that due to the dock, also some people think that this is a product of reform and opening up, & other; Before that call porters, is not the same as now & throughout; . Informed journalists, most of these photos was taken in 1894 to 1911, the qing dynasty, the photographer Morrison, weiss & middot; Mrs Fu ritz, etc., are all in the southwest long-term living or traveling in the west.

Tang Yeze said, although there is no accurate records, but chongqing force of history that could have been traced back to the period of chongqing city, & other; When chongqing have the dock, when Rio elder brother came & throughout; . Despite early, but it was not until the late qing dynasty during the period of the republic of China, as the opening of chongqing port, west photographic techniques with western people in chongqing, chongqing’s force elder brother image just be left for the first time.

& other; Chongqing elder brother of the force in the past, and now the biggest difference is: they hand tools are not to spill today, but the wooden pole. Throughout the &; Tang Yeze said, later it was found that, the cylinder of bamboo to use more convenient, cost is lower, the bamboo cylinder slowly replaced by now.

& other; Force elder brother also have their own organization, in the past, the main force of management through the guild. Throughout the &; Tang Yeze said, force of guild is often referred to as & other; Force to help & throughout; Or & other Porters to help & throughout; , is the elder brothers spontaneous form of folk organization, the elder brother of the force of the dock.

from 1912 to 1949

have standardized management


porters, porters, force, scope of work: mainly in the wharf, has spread to the city equipment: wood, bamboo pole

into the era of the republic of China, gradually developed, the image of the elder brothers to save more and more, and now, we can find the force of old photos, mostly taken in the 1920 s and ’40 s. The photographer for westerners in China for a long time, such as jack & middot; Wilkes (American life magazine war photographer), Warren hong (the Swire group co., LTD., senior director), etc. Heat transfer in chongqing power elder brother old photos online, mostly from the Warren hong, now in Brisbane to university in England.

from these pictures you can see, the force of the era of the elder brothers, image and in people’s impression & other; The elder brother of the force & throughout; Still have very big different, mostly in rags, basic didn’t wear shoes, is still a long pole on his shoulder, head wrapped in cloth towels, step by step on the long TiKan move.

unlike before, during this period, the elder brother of the force range gradually extended to the city from the wharf. In some of the photos can already see chongqing tong town, relatively strong man with hat, pick up the goods.

& other; During the period of the republic of China, especially after the outbreak of Anti-Japanese War, a large number of people and goods into chongqing, poor farmers need to find a job in mouth, dignitaries need at all for them to carry things, during this period, the elder brother of the force of the development is very quickly. Throughout the &;

according to Tang Yeze, existing data show that the latest from the early republic of China, the management of the force elder brother began to gradually standardized, & other; The earliest existing data, is a piece of the early of the republic of China & lsquo; Rio’s hire price list & rsquo; , the price of clear rules for handling all kinds of goods, from & lsquo; Familiar shipping administration & rsquo; Throughout the &; . Tang Yeze said: & other; This shows that the most late this day and age, the elder brother of the force management is no longer just on folk ‘guild, and with fixed official agencies. Throughout the &;