2030 special pillow connection technology: rejuvenation dream possible

on December 21, is not the legendary & other The end of the world & throughout; Bold, humans began to describe the future of the world. Recently, there are many components of science and technology, the available time, have pointed to the 2030 is not far away. Among them, brain science and become the most anticipated. Researchers believe that by 2030, we can share the minds of other people like watching DVD; There is also a study predicts that we can enhance nerve stimulation, obtain superhuman memory & hellip; & hellip; The idea is only a fable, or dream can be realized? What are the predictable a major breakthrough in brain science?

article/reporter Li wen

Dreaming about a

through special pillow connection dream

recently, the national intelligence council published a 140 – page called “global trends 2030: alternative world” report. The report on the future to do a lot of paint, belief in the 18 years in the future, will face from the environment, energy, economic and other fields of the tipping point. In the field of science and technology, some predict, intelligent body, can improve the ability to see the artificial retina, in 2030 by similar cosmetic surgery way, help people easily become somewhat & other X – MAN” . Our brain, but can be by strengthening transformation, has a strong memory.

a British called Ian & middot; Pearson futurists, more bold prediction. He believes that by 2030, the human brain can not only for data exchange and external computer, and information consciousness and brain between person and person can also be for data exchange. Then, through a & other; Consciousness sharing & throughout; Science and technology, we can share each other’s information consciousness, memory and other brain, like sharing computer hard drive is convenient. But it also means that we can view lies in the heart of the most secret to others. This share as a result, will no doubt make the boundaries of self and others is full of challenges.

he believes that if we dream of eeg signal can be completely recorded and successful transformation, it is, indeed, can read other people’s dreams. Scientists can use the principle of brain waves invented a pillow with conductive fiber, it can accurately monitor sleepers brain activity in brain activity, according to the sleeping man is doing what the dream. More bold imagination, will develop the pillow again once, you can become a & other; Dream connection machine & throughout; . A man’s dreams can enter another man’s brain. Two sleepy people can meet in the same dream.

Dreaming about 2

& other; Feel capsule & throughout; : play back the feeling of first love

in self perception level, the feeling may be artificial shape. Pearson predicted that over the next 20 years, scientists will invent a kind of cellular mini electronic capsule. When it is implanted under the skin, can record any skin feeling and neural signals. So, over the years, through these & other; The electronic capsule & throughout; Before, you can still experience the feeling. From an exciting journey, to the first and lovers kiss, all these feelings can be & other; The electronic capsule & throughout; Recorded, and then you can be like a DVD playback experience had some pleasure feelings.

with & other; Feel capsule & throughout; Similar to Pearson also imagine & other; Sex chip & throughout; . After 2030,, he thought, as long as an electronic microchip put on their skin or implanted in the brain, can stimulate the brain and nervous system and human sex completely similar pleasure. The sensor can detect and imitate the human sensory stimulation, including shake hands, hug, or make love with others, and create the in the mind & other; Warm feeling & throughout; , & other Pressure & throughout; , & other Sporty & throughout; , & other Pleasure & throughout; Wait for all sorts of & other; True & throughout; Feeling.

however, if it really can realize, you are willing to partner with a chip?

expert viewpoint: consciousness of Shared technology is still in its infancy

the dryer in the neuroscience research center of sun yat-sen university medical school professor told this newspaper in an interview: & other; The public always expect science to benefit mankind soon, but in terms of brain areas, and a lot of the basic mechanism of the brain functions we still know nothing. Throughout the &;

dryer thinks, & other; What people think of, what can be done machine & throughout; , which is the basis of artificial intelligence research and development of science and technology. If can realize the dialogue between the consciousness of people and machines may is the first step to Pearson consciousness Shared dream. & other; The brain activity of different form of eeg response is not the same. Some scientists believe that if we can grasp the electrical response of different meanings, can use consciousness to operate the machine. In Japan, there are scientists trying to rely on brain waves to start the toys. Want the car to the left, or right, in the mind think, can form a special code, brain waves transmission for vehicle with intelligent recognition, cars can operate in accordance with the orders. There are some developers in the test with the intelligent wheelchair. The loss of language and action ability of patients, can provide a great convenience. But these are in the early stage of trying. Throughout the &;

as for & other; Sex chip & throughout; , perhaps in the dryer, and drugs have similar to the stimulation of the brain cells. & other; Whether with drugs or chips, if stimulate the nerve of the dopamine system, can produce pleasure. But drugs cause changes in the nervous system or damage is too big, secure and chip to stimulate human sex completely similar pleasure is a good thing, but not excessive, excessive stimulation may lead to dependence on chip stimulation & ndash; & ndash; & lsquo; Chip stimulus addiction & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

transform cranial nerve is unlikely

by strengthening or cranial nerve, will let us become a memory, reaction forces of superman? & other; External stimulation, let we have experience and experience, these experiences stimulate formation in the brain’s mark. Continuous incentive to short-term memory into long-term memory and synthesis of new proteins in the brain, causing the change of the nerve cells, which is the interaction of neural network, and further strengthen the change. Throughout the &; Dryer, & other; After memory formation, stored in the brain, and can be extracted rapidly at any time, you truly have good memory. Many people said that his memory is poor, many are the obstacles in information extraction. But the information extraction mechanism remains unclear. Throughout the &;

dryer, points out that want to like finishing computer folder management or search extract our memory is unlikely. & other; Brain nerve system is changeable and complex, is not a memory cell corresponds to a protein, and precise positioning, random access, so simple. Many areas are in the memory of the cerebral cortex from the form to the extraction process. Throughout the &; However, if you want to have good memory, become smart, still there are ways. The sooner, the more experience stimulus is fundamental to improve. & other; As far as possible, don’t sit there, look for something to sharpen the cranial nerve, well informed, the absolute is good. The brain can be recreated. Throughout the &;

some degree of & other; Rejuvenation & throughout; May realize

what are the research can be implemented in the 2030 years ago? Dryer argues that, in the next 20 years, more innovation may appear on the research methods. & other; Non-genetic treatment for alzheimer’s disease, is likely to have a larger breakthrough. We may be able by implanted chip can external remote control, can discharge and recovery activities to stimulate the patient’s brain nerve cells. Throughout the &; In addition, he thinks, the human’s consciousness for storage and extraction to achieve & other; Immortality of the soul & throughout; , is still difficult to achieve, but some degree of & other; Rejuvenation & throughout; It is can be done. & other; Treatment of adult amblyopia is hard to reverse, for example, foreign researchers have used a special electronic game, through the visual treatment 2 ~ 3 hours per day, to stimulate the nervous system of adult patients, make a vision improved. Throughout the &; To some extent, make the brain more live more young, is not nonsense.