25 network writer died of lung cancer Long-term stay up thousand words only sell 3 cents (photo)


qingming festival small long vacation, the network literature into & other; Grief & throughout; , a red sleeve add sweet literary web sites called green air-conditioning signing writer, died of lung cancer on April 2, just 25 years old. The news, immediately triggered heated debate on the Internet, while some netizens believe that the event belongs to the occasional, but more web writers have said, even stay up code word girl is not the direct cause of lung cancer, but the network literature writers & other; At the computer for a long time to stay up late code word, health is not optimistic, is indeed a fact of life. Throughout the &;

west China metropolis daily reporter interviewed a number of network writers found that many people see only located at the tip of the pyramid in earn millions & other; Network throughout the great spirit &; The shiny, but most of the network professional writers, has extremely bitter side. In readers for green air-conditioning untimely death) was made, and the news, another famous site works total more than 10 million words of top writers windy day, also in April 2 of accidental death in the evening.

A cause is what? Stay up late is common & other To catch long, life is lost half & throughout;

green air-conditioning, formerly known as BaoQingChun, is one of zhejiang jinhua girl after 80. In just three years, as the writer she published millions of words, including “the bride 18”, “fashion qiao mommy” and so on are very popular network works. From jiangsu professional network writers ji month is very clear and bright BaoQingChun circle friends, she said to west China metropolis daily reporter, & other; Youth found to illness in the first two months, we together in Beijing to participate in the activities. Youth and some cough, she also said that because long-term writing, cervical pain. After more than two months, the youth is confirmed late lung cancer, the body. Throughout the &;

mentioned blogger is universal love to stay up late to write, ji glistening white said: & other; Stay up late writing is common phenomenon. Throughout the &; Novel reading nets signing author WeiZiWei (works have the destiny to the queen of the heart-pounding step by step) said on weibo, & other; Stay up code word is most of the author’s habit, some authors is an office worker, free code word, only in the evening I sleep at 3 o ‘clock last night, at ordinary times in the same way. Our writers which without cervical spondylosis? Every dead of night inspiration continuously. Throughout the &;

network writer kaka said: & other; Last year, in order to catch a long text, for five consecutive days sleep for no more than ten hours, indirect one to two hours, it took a month to slow to come over. Feel life lost half. Has been to improve your schedule later. Throughout the &;

B situation how? Life is a lot of & other; Divided the red red & throughout;

green air-conditioning for network author died at a young age, wrote “back to the Ming dynasty when the report” the month shut in west China metropolis daily reporter interview, & other; If she is ill and writers from volume of network, detailed analysis is needed. But readers to network the author update speed and quality requirements are high. Throughout the &;

a month off because of “back to the Ming dynasty when report” novel, income of more than 1.5 million. He revealed, & other; In the hands of some already famous in the network writing, there are many began to pay attention to the balance of health and income, don’t get rich quick, don’t blindly to do a workaholic, but this group of people is not the majority. The vast majority of the red red, or fame has not yet stabilized network writers, no conditions to do this. Throughout the &;

about your present situation, the month close, said amateur writing before, & other; I can writing published about 9000 words a day. But made a too tired, the body could chew! Had to resign from your job in a bank. And now I began to learn to relax yourself, published more than 6000 words a day, is enough. Throughout the &;

why C & other; Desperately & throughout; ? Article industry competition is fierce

why Internet writers must be updated every day so many words? Explained the month closing & other; How much though updated daily, nobody forced you. But, you don’t update, nature has other author updates, and the quality is not worse than you, the somebody else for his allegiance to the readers more than you. So, you want to spell, that update more, this is a no solution & lsquo; Infinite loop & rsquo; . Article industry is very competitive, to win, not to advance is to go back. Throughout the &;

professional network the author lives on code word, is a standard hand stop rations stop, can’t afford to injury, this month glistening white silence, & other; Our industry is & lsquo; Hedong three years, three years in hexi & rsquo; How long, who knows who can write. Throughout the &;

there are network writers reflect, the present article price is too low, the reader to read one thousand words only need to pay for two or three cents, pay 30% to the website, even lead to a lot of writers to write more hard. The month closing said: & other; That’s true. Although now website can let the author himself pricing, but the problem is that many poor readers awareness of copyright, pirated readers more than ten times that of the original readers, dozens of times. Can pay is good, and who dare to rise in price easily offend the reader, the reader can keep a is a. Throughout the &;

west China metropolis daily reporter once and for network novel the author shot to fame for “the grave notes south sent three uncle, he said, when the network writers will also meet not respected, & other; If the update not in time, will also get some readers to scold. Throughout the &; Month off also encountered this kind of situation, & other; Not just updated to include your plot, some readers are not satisfied, also can say some bad words. It also has to do with network interaction. Throughout the &;