31 the bird’s nest water cube is now dark moments later For environmental protection net friend go dark

at the main venue of the Great Wall

written commitment before lights-out

& other; Earth hour & throughout; Activities of the main venue located in China, volunteers on the sticker in the shape of the leaves to write down their environmental commitment, have a plenty of & other Water & throughout; , have a plenty of & other; Green travel & throughout; . At 8:30 last night, li bingbing and other guests joint activities start button, the lights out on the Great Wall. Above, the Great Wall, the lights below for lights out of the Great Wall, LED torch light paint & other; 60 & throughout; On behalf of the earth’s 60 minutes to go to bed.

the bird’s nest water cube

netizen dark walking

8 a.m. last night, the lights on the bird’s nest, water cube (pictured), in a whirl of the countdown, at the same time put out the landscape lamp (see chart). 200 from a website netizens grasp this rare moment of darkness, with & other To run the health & throughout; In the form of common witness & other; Earth hour & throughout; . Participants included in the famous sports commentator han2 qiao2 sheng, he said, & other; Let us in this lights out an hour, feel the happiness of the energy saving of time together. Throughout the &;