5 for diamond old man held the collective wedding Neighbors every dishes for wedding banquet (photo)

& other volunteers The maid of honor & throughout; & other; The best man & throughout; To assist the old red carpet. Xu Lejing taken

5 diamond wedding collective wedding, to the old neighbors a dish, formed a rich & other; The banquet & throughout; . Xu Lejing taken

Beijing, October 22 (trainee journalist Xu Lejing intern Li Mengqing) tomorrow is the double ninth festival September 9, 22, hangzhou harmonious community five diamond wedding about a collective wedding, one of the oldest old man is 90 years old. News reporter understands the scene, the old people completely zero cost, wedding neighbors money and power, for & other; New & throughout; Has prepared more than 70 home cooking as a wedding reception.

22, hangzhou was a light rain. In gongshu district harmonious community, the collective outdoor diamond wedding wedding held moved to indoor. Although the limited space, but busy.

news agency reporter on the scene, the collective wedding ceremony is held to the diamond wedding for five old man, some old man when we get married and have no wedding, now the age is big, with the support of friends and relatives also cast time fashion.

shao-bin wang, 87, hangzhou & other; Celebrity & throughout; , from six or seven years old he began to learn to do kite, made about 80 up to now. One of his specialty is miniature kites, previously, the old man in collecting & other; The kite from & throughout; .

in 1946, shao-bin wang marrying younger Mao Fangqin, home owe a lot of debt at the time, wedding can’t run well. But Mao Fangqin doesn’t complain, two people all the way to mediocre life lightly, also very satisfied.

& other; All happy over the years, his wife will always support my decision. Throughout the &; Shao-bin wang said.