56th annual competition awards Two Palestinian children’s funeral year pictures

on February 15, 2013, the 56th session of the world press photo contest jose, Swedish photographer Paul Hansen for daily news photographs the annual photo award, photo reflects two Palestinian children’s funeral, they were killed in the Israeli missile strikes. Image: CFP vision China

Beijing, February 15 (Beijing time on February 15, 2013, the 56th annual World Press Photo contest (World Press Photo) & ndash; & ndash; & other; Jose & throughout; The award-winning works in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Swedish photographer Dagens Nyheter works for annual news photos.

this competition, the Chinese photographer xiao-qun zheng won the second prize of nature, sports, ChuYongZhi respectively, Fu Yongjun, Wei Zhengze respectively character class portrait and performance (observation), sports class won third prize.

the game has a general news, breaking news, hot, daily life, contemporary personages (observation portrait and performance), nature, sports, sports movements and close-up), received from 124 countries, 5666 photographers 103481 plates.