57 lyrics with friends both 17 year old daughter Only the father nodded, etc

Li Kuncheng with girlfriend Lin Jingen

the new express news According to Taiwan media reports, 57, a well-known lyrics Li Kuncheng surprised linked with small its Lin Jingen 40 years old, his best friend’s daughter to get married. Reporter Li Benren verification, his face & other; I heard you are going to get married & throughout; Sensitive issues, flushed stammer said: & other; No & hellip; & hellip; No! Throughout the &; Ask a girlfriend very young? He laughed more embarrassing, but eyes involuntarily looked at one side of his girlfriend, said two people is & other; Talk a cross-century & throughout; A friend. Two people the age disparity like & other; Ye Sun Lian & throughout; Marriage, such as the father nodded.

Li Kuncheng is lady’s “baby” the lyrics, had had a marriage, had no children. Taiwan media received Revelations, Li Kuncheng in qinghai a serious car accident last year, causing fractures, once dying, small fortunately, at that time he was 20 ex-girlfriend squire in the side, left work personal care. But he recovered after returning to Taiwan, but suspected cheating on crush on a friend, also Lin Jingen 17 year old daughter in high school, and his girlfriend break up at that time. After he was not only high profile for the love of the Lin Jingen more openly criticizing his former girlfriend had when not enough to take care of him, complain of the shortness of her with number of rehabilitation. And familiar with common friends leave a message for justice, li even shouts back: & other; Will you please shut up! Throughout the &;

Li Kuncheng surveyed admitted: & other; To Lin Jingen has five years, she is the daughter of friends, go to the cinema because of les miserables become attached to, this two months to begin to intense engagement. Throughout the &; Asked whether friends against, he said: & other; She was choking with dad said: & lsquo; Fell in love with me. & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; Mainly, I said, if you dare to marry me, I will marry you. Throughout the &; The speech contained not proud. Li Kuncheng cautious said: & other; Her father was not totally agree. Throughout the &; Said friends agree with their relationship, but also can’t accept their marriage.

the interview process Lin Jingen silence hiding in the side, the reporter asked the teacher where attracts you the most? She didn’t cool, spit, & other; Because he is Li Kuncheng! Throughout the &; As for whether to consider hand in hand to the red carpet, Li Kuncheng smile to say: & other; Ongoing revolution, the family has a father’s consent can be, she has gone to subcounty administrative office for the application to her father. Throughout the &; (b)

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the 57-year-old Li Kuncheng, classic lady “sweetheart”, luo “train”. His collection of more than twenty thousand antique black glue disc, have & other; Vinyl godfather & throughout; Said. As a music studio head, he served as the 40th annual golden horse award for best documentary dancing times music director. The luo, in 2011, and his “baby” and so on 8 song remakes.