57 paper-cut old man writing “the water margin 108 will” 11 meters long spent two years (figure)

near the Spring Festival, Zhu Piaoguang hand scissors & other; Swim & throughout; Fast & ndash; & ndash; He is going to work, to show more paper-cut works as soon as possible, to add happy New Year.

Zhu Piao just 57, ruichang city in jiangxi province for transshipment xia village, zhu town gate is not tall, a face of thick, ordinary little old man. But as long as there is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, a new & other; Throughout the world &; Will be vividly portrayed.

& other; This is “the water margin 108 will”, everybody picks up the weapon is not the same. They are brothers, so the adjacent two people take weapons can’t fight. I am & lsquo; Director & rsquo; And to make them harmony. Throughout the &; This picture 11 meters long, 0.45 meters wide, and it took him two years.

Zhu Piaoguang only a high school degree, obsession with paper-cut art since childhood, & other; Once I take a gourd ladle to feed the pigs, the in the mind is thinking of wu song, how should be cut results put gourd ladle in the bucket for cooking, got old scold a meal. Ha ha! Throughout the &; He had to smoke, but for the sake of the safety of paper-cut, he gave up in time, and it is completely & other; Goodbye & throughout; .

he haven’t studied paper cutting system, but & other; The teacher & throughout; But a lot of, also is a teacher. On his desk, put the books “mustard seed garden HuaChuan”, “five hundred lohan beings, the best tree spectrum, etc. In order to put these & other; The teacher & throughout; Please go to the side, he poured. When writing “the water margin 108 will”, he suffer from cannot find characters of transcription. Had a cigarette in the present & other; 108 will & throughout; Small card, he will come on other smokers left him these CARDS; When passing the dump, also don’t forget to scan, looking for targets.

“the water margin”, and he was thinking in the dream of red mansions. Zhu Piaoguang qing Sun Wen draw the origin a dream of red mansions “and famous painters Dai Duibang production of series of books one by one & other; Palate, & throughout; . In his works in the showroom, jinling twelve earth & other; Travel throughout the &; In thin paper cutting, dignified and elegant, or lovely (see left-hand chart).

“the romance of The Three Kingdoms” and “journey to the west” & other; Paper-cut throughout the &; Has been on the agenda. However, in the & other; Construction & throughout; Before that, he went into another world. Was shocked by the copper copper ridge in the field of archaeological sites for transshipment in xia town. Zhu Piaoguang want copper mining scene & other; Go & throughout; Paper-cut, this time he brought in the works to open “the & other; The teacher & throughout; , careful study. But also had the relics unearthed a wooden jigger filmed with a camera, zoom, framed and hung in a studio, looking forward to.

in 2008, the temporal paper-cutting has been included in the national non-material cultural heritage list, temporal became & other; Throughout the countryside of Chinese paper cutting &; . Zhu Piao light body place among them, and make not over of the matter. The party’s 18, after the big meeting Zhu Piaoguang passion than, created a gift & other; Great work & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; “Descendants of the dragon”.

& other; Now is the oldest paper-cutting art of spring! Throughout the &; Zhu Piaoguang with confidence. (our reporter wang Tony hu Our correspondent Zhang yong)