72 years ago the first old journals “close-up” Bethune injured arm (FIG.)

72 years ago the first old publication Bethune injured arm & other Close-up & throughout; (figure)

Bethune body according to and the injured arm close-up Jiang Xiaoping for figure

73 years ago, Norman Bethune for an operation, careless hand bacterial infection, has finally been killed. Book published in 13 photo, not only for the first time to present the Norman Bethune’s body, also special printed portrayal of Bethune died wounded arm.

the publication has a Bethune portrait album cover, inside pages in the directory after five consecutive pages published 13 photo. One of the two is & other; Yanan Bethune international peace hospital & throughout; And & other Yanan from all walks of life of Dr. Bethune memorial meeting hall & throughout; ; The rest of the 11 pieces was Bethune behind living shanxi-chahaer-hebei border areas against Japanese in the photo. There are two reflect the Bethune rescue the wounded.

& other; The father of the red China news photography & throughout; , the daughter of famous photographer Mr ShaFei xu told reporters that the two pictures of Bethune’s work are in late October 1939, the eighth route army general political department film technology and yinxian wu, director of photography, and the shanxi-chahaer-hebei military region political department photojournalist Luo Guang da in hebei laiyuan Sun Guzhuang taken by a small temple. In this place, didn’t wear rubber gloves when Bethune surgery, accidentally cut my finger, so infection fester sepsis, fallen — less than a month.

another 9 picture content including shanxi-chahaer-hebei’s then military region commander deep hanging Bethune body and Bethune living accommodation, Bethune his pomp, Bethune tomb, etc. Ms xu said, this batch of photos taken by his father ShaFei.

one of the most regrets is that at the bottom of the “Dr. Bethune body” as also special print Bethune injured arm local big picture, with captions & other; Fatal to the bottom right hand corner for the injured arm & throughout; And touching. Xu said that the close-up is taken by his father, although she is still not very sure, but what is certain is that this is the first time she saw the picture, very precious. (reporter jiang xu)