80 years ago the state survey report published in 1928 in Shanghai, tianjin population all over Beijing

appeared 80 years ago the state report

student internship survey population more than 1928 Shanghai tianjin Beijing

80 years ago, college students internship report? Deep 266 copies, more than 1000 words of the investigation report on the state of the union in the 1930 s, tell you the answer. The book Chinese bookstore in liulichang starting yesterday, the book includes a university student internship report in the 1930 s, has a very high historical value and use value.

library collection 60 years

this batch of internship report former & other; The central school of political & throughout; . In September 1930, the central political school undergraduate course phase 1 253 students study expires, dispatch, Shanghai, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, and nanjing, hankou, and the jinan municipal internship, internship for four months, after successive graduates are lineage practice rules. It is survey, while students back to school teacher review, revise, scoring, facts of school library.

the internship report time span for the 1931 to 1937, when China in every corner of social life, the most detailed Shan data in the report, a total of 490 books, 170000.

nanjing library in 1952 to take over the republic of literature, found this batch of internship report, a hidden for 60 years. The press, in order to originally present, took nearly five months time to scan, image and real almost the same.

1928 Shanghai population all over Beijing, tianjin

yesterday, to participate in the launch of experts with & other Amazing & throughout; , & other Greatest work & throughout; Describe the internship report. Reporter noted that in the first book has such a content, & other; Census: 17 years of the republic of China (1928), the ministry of the interior to various provinces and cities of the provinces and cities within 3 months to complete the census, the meter in the seventeen years survey completed eight province four special city, in the eighteenth year of complete person, there are four provinces and one city the rest of the provinces to date no report. Throughout the &; According to the report, in 1928 Beijing population of 1335549 people, Shanghai 1503922 people, 1391721 people in tianjin. The population of Shanghai, tianjin more than Beijing time.

experts stressed that the internship report strong authenticity and objectivity. Especially in 1937 & other; Marco Polo bridge incident & throughout; After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, before the report reflects the war-torn country political and economic situation, the study of Chinese modern history has important reference value.