81 years ago, “marry” exposure: learn with expertise not self

the LiaoShen evening news reported: recently, shenyang collector exposure “proposal letter writer”, a 81 years ago, revealed at that time, men and women to marry her. The woman to marry: appearance beautiful, middle height, if the solemn, what kind of kiss; Learn expertise; The noble personality; Graceful natural and unrestrained, Sundays. In high spirit, clothing clean park; Love and not abuse. Honesty and not cheat. No alcohol, tobacco, and so on bad habits. Man to marry: be careful and thoughtful mind; Have the charge quantity and quality of emotion; Want to have in interest and ability; Don’t look snobbish; Don’t self too strong; Don’t be so no opinion.

81 years ago to choose a spouse standard mixed

although standard some traditional conservative, but some of the standard is very simple, has kept a lot of good things, but when. (net friend yan)

no now pure material view, also not divorced from social and individual self, is a reference for the youth to learn. (netizen bold)

81 standard folk custom and feudal meaning, basic can be summed up with a perfect match. More to women’s requirement, especially the ordinary people, such as & other; Ugly wife near home treasure & throughout; . (netizens changbai mountain)

about when people choose a spouse standard

I find objects in the 1980 s or & other; Throughout their arranged &; And, of course, just also considered the other side of the contact. We have no rain for decades to come, what defects. (the net friend the truth)

I was looking for object, the years of passion burning, as long as birth is good, positive, loyal, and doesn’t require appearance and economic conditions. I will come out in the countryside, just want to find in the countryside, city dwellers look down upon. At that time are & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; , as long as it is one special kiss. I am such, put two things moved in together when they get married, buy a few catties fruit arise. (net friend sunset)

I was born bad, found a GongWu class got married at that time, he soon hit people. Don’t record of formal schooling at that time, I divorce really realized that a person have no culture that’s sad. (net friend sweet)

the spouse-selection view is multifarious

& other; Cars and house, parents & throughout; It is said that is some young people choose a spouse standard. As a result, those of us who do the parents of children not become a stumbling block to marriage? (online free)

today is required for bad habits, but is not strictly, such as young men cigarettes, alcohol and betel nut bet, but does not affect his mate, on the contrary, many women still as charming, have a style. (net friend xiao qi)

it is said that the minority girls find object, to a man with & other; Three & throughout; : the wealthy and powerful, the leisure. But the man three & other; Throughout 180 &; : 180 square meters, 180 cm, 180 mm. (net friend little)

this society, money has the right to occupy the upper society, enjoy luxury; Potential for life in the underlying struggle did not have money, suffer from bullying. Love children, hope they happiness. I would rather let others scold me a snob, also want to let his daughter marry a badly. If the industry can reside up social upper also just, but now the society, no background background, try again. Social injustice, don’t blame snob niang. (net friend catalpa)