A 80 – year – old rural old man into a web page editor design master net: gummy bear

typing, typesetting, design expression, chatting online, Posting has become a part of the lives of young people, but for the old man living in the countryside, some seem to be far away. However, langfang Sun Delong, a 80 – year – old old man just a & other; Super net insect & throughout; , the 71 – year – old began & other; Net & throughout; He, now network skills has more than a lot of young people, his net name & other; Gummy bear & throughout; , is the yanzhao enterprise & other; Yan array & middot; Langfang & throughout; Age biggest skills super super users.

the netizens miss & other; Gummy bear & throughout;

a few days ago, in & other; Yan array & middot; Langfang & throughout; , the net friend & other; Beishan old well & throughout; Post: long time no see & other; Gummy bear & throughout; , he is my old friend, had many good posts here, have a lot of education significance. This caused some backbone net friend’s response. Soon, & other; Gummy bear & throughout; Response: & other; Thank you very much for your miss! This period of time because I broke her leg, so for a long time to surf the Internet. But, friend, please rest assured, now restore good, can have on a walking stick. Throughout the &;

originally, & other; Gummy bear & throughout; Silence is because broke his leg. & other; Gummy bear & throughout; Is an octogenarian, live in langfang anci district rural, keen on network, the post in & other; Yan array & middot; Langfang & throughout; Poster contest awards. Journalists have always wanted to visit the special net friend, but has failed to materialise. On April 7, learned that after the old man broke his leg, reporter immediately contact, arrange to visit the old man, and invite & other; Beishan old well & throughout; Go to together.

net rural old man 71 – year – old

7 April afternoon in langfang anci QiuZhuang township in a small building, the reporter saw & other Gummy bear & throughout; . The time he was on crutches, fracture shape thin, intense eye contact, smile. , the 80 – year – old old man called Sun Delong, and stable village people, graduated from tianjin tanggu high school in 1957, after in WuQing County industrial specialized school, under the hard life back to rural areas, in 1962 at dry sideline production team. The octogenarian was heterogeneous, physically fit, smooth communication with people, everyday ride a bike to go out a walk is 10 km, is the cause of broke a leg and other On the stool to move boxes on the top of the cupboard, trample empty & throughout; .

in 2002, elementary school granddaughter told the old man: & other; Give us a computer course in the school, not easy to learn. Throughout the &; The old man to the school to see computer long what appearance, a sight, it was something fresh. Interested in to see the old man, the son of open the printing shop to buy him back a second-hand computer, a 71 – year – old Sun Delong network of its own life. Play computer all the old man is his own study, use wubi typing, bought the sibilant table wondering, & other; Plaque word for a walk to see the street at ordinary times, like how to root and dismantling. In use for more than a month of time, practice is ripe. Throughout the &; The reporter asked the old man can play how many words a minute, sun said, old & other; I also don’t know how to play, and net friend chat, anyway I will waiting for them, they didn’t I quickly input speed. Throughout the &;

diligently study into network talent

with the 80 – year – old computer Sun Delong chat, reporter stunned. 10 years, the old man familiar with computers and research has gone beyond the general young people, the Word, such as Photoshop, CorelDraw software, driven onto the layout to web design, all finishing.

because older memory is poor, the old man down some functions, procedures, operation conveniently, reading at any time, many a mickle makes a muckle, and he put the finishing, write, layout design, print out the ten words “don’t ask for learning computer”, chapter points cross section in the book, there are data, graphics, tables, letters, has a practical and popular computer teaching materials. Around the village people know that the old man of computer professional is extremely strong, a computer has a problem to for advice.

computer skills proficiency, make Sun Delong old man swimming in the online world, built a blog, QQ chat, his blog visitors up to 80000 people, the old man his application for two QQ number, basic 24 hours a day online, netizens spread bring together and talk about social issues, to explore life. The old man saw all sorts of QQ expression, so oneself also learn animation, original many dynamic expression to the Internet. In the online world, Sun Delong age become & other; Hot & throughout; , a Japanese bloggers don’t believe that 80 – year – old man can design so many wonderful things, requirements and Sun Delong video, the results are confirmed, admire unceasingly, two people become a forgotten blogger.

in the computer, the old man also full of literary talent and interest. He explained why the name & other Gummy bear & throughout; : value s eighty whole, physical shape is more common, meter of six height with shoes, meat weight 55. Eat and drink pull scatter also will do, there are five zang-and, hand is my stupid brain champion, hu eat sleep stuffy is strong. Slim than Ma Sanli, look more ugly than he is, his body is big star, I’m skinny little barbary, so just call & other Gummy bear & throughout; .

never too old to learn, Sun Delong old man have been banging on written records his interesting life with a computer, he printed by the essay & middot; essays (on) “, and smile if I can live, but it will stick to complete & other; Throughout the &; And & other Throughout the &; . The old man told reporters, & other; I don’t have other hobbies, is playing on the computer every day, carefree. Throughout the &; Reporter suddenly understand: no distractions, no desire nothing, it is the embodiment of the wisdom and to know in life to have fun, sunset Sun Delong old man asked his late life colorful.