A 84 – year – old “BingXinJiang” founder, is a cent social obligation not to government

GeCuiLin, famous children’s literature writer. Hereafter, he was born in 1930 in hebei, the author of “the wild grapes”, “into the paradise of the children”, “the beauty of the most ugly man, is younger than grandson’s grandfather, the portrait of a singing,” the bird’s child “, “says the little puppet” and so on, won several awards at home and abroad, the current & other; BingXinJiang & throughout; The committee, vice chairman and secretary general.

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from her home in the summer began to GeCuiLin dial the phone, didn’t see until the winter. Her house is located in Beijing’s bustling business district, neighborhood many owners rented the house to the different companies. Company a is much, someone will come knocking at the door, have a plenty of marketing, also some people went to apply for the wrong room. & other; I am very not easy, 84, stood up and walked to the door to open the door, just sit down and knocked. Throughout the &; GeCuiLin had to be in the door with a piece of paper, indicating here is the private residence, declined to promote and apply for. & other; Is also picking up the phone. I must stand up and go to the phone, there will have to ring the first four tones. Can’t walk fast, fear of falling. Throughout the &; & have spent The Beijing news reporter Jiang Yan

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about people dare not, be afraid of their & other; Halo & throughout;

GeCuiLin already has more than ten years not to go out to participate in activities, nor what their house to the guests. & other; Now physical condition is not stable, people old. Throughout the &; She has a low blood pressure, sometimes high pressure only 80, & other; Then I dare not to move, can only lying down, read a book, watch a little story. Throughout the &; High voltage to 90, when she didn’t dare to activities. Body reason let GeCuiLin about a person dare not easily to come home, she was afraid of the somebody else came and their floating couldn’t move. There is a children’s literature critic li dong Warsaw pact and ready to come home, the result by noon GeCuiLin discovered his blood pressure is very low, so we have to make a phone call to cancel the meeting. & other; So I generally don’t some people, you this several times call, I’m always sorry for you is not allowed. Throughout the &;

the weather is good and the body is also good, GeCuiLin will go downstairs for a walk. Before she will check your blood pressure, high pressure is not enough 90 she would not go out. Also sometimes walk will not be able to bend the knee, she had to stop to wait. She had sent two times of acute myocardial infarction (ami) was sent to hospital, in the heart to put four bracket, bracket can’t let go in for the last time, the two operating table can’t do surgery, also have to take the medicine for a. & other; Take medicine also trouble, aspirin is eating, but sometimes bloody nose, so is to deal with. Throughout the &; For the body of all kinds of trouble, have a own GeCuiLin metaphor, said she is like a broken bicycle pushing pushing out of turn, because a lot of parts. & other; Tooth also not line, to eat, of course, have sent, absorb nutrition also poor, it’s all natural. In winter, the leaves fall, you have to let nature take its course. Throughout the &;

had some biscuits and coffee table in front of snacks, these are GeCuiLin daily breakfast, she be frightened by this trouble others, drink a bowl of milk in the morning to eat a snack is finished. & other; The old man is quite tiring, I now can’t do many things, as long as not burdensome others good, their food as far as possible. Throughout the &; & other; You are young than the old difficult, have to work hard competition. Throughout the &; When he left, she tucked into my pocket and photography the two sugar.

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& other; To write a book for children must be earnest efforts, spend more effort, read the book, childhood will affect one’s life. Throughout the &;

& other; I wrote a few ZhongChangPian, “says the puppet”, for example, puppet is manipulated, will have to show what let it show, not by his boss. All the activities, puppet because a hand behind the scenes. Just like in life, we can see a lot of people, his smile, his cry, his passionate, all because of a hand behind the scenes in manipulation, there is no real performance of his own ideas. Throughout the &; Record the rehabilitation on November 18, 2008, the Beijing news interview GeCuiLin

heart creation

body good time writing, envy somebody else & other; That a bucket of pencil & throughout;

since 1949, GeCuiLin will give children to write, write now has more than 60 years. It’s no holidays for her, as long as the body good, she will write in the morning. & other; Generally don’t make a phone call in the morning and writing will be interrupted, sometimes call this afternoon. Throughout the &;

most of the time in the morning, GeCuiLin will work for more than an hour. She sat at the edge of the window, the chair, and through the window of the second floor can see the neighborhood tree. Her side of the small table there is a pen holder, inside a large. The pencils She now like to write with a pencil, write the word clear, write the wrong can also erase. But the pencil is coarse, I write this she pared a handful in advance, all pencil used once a day, all cut before writing again the next day. & other; I used to propaganda department meetings, their meeting have a bucket of sharpen the pencil on the desk, particularly pointed, particularly clear written word, that I used the meeting several root. I don’t envy somebody else’s car and treatment, I envy them that a barrel of the pencil. Throughout the &;

support junior

BingXinJiang & other; Not a penny, government is the social obligation & throughout;

in the afternoon she is copy of the time, in the past few months, she spent a lot of time watching BingXinJiang submissions.

from start to now, BingXinJiang has came to 24 years. & other; Now write the author of children’s literature, most of them are to win the prize. Throughout the &; BingXinJiang award-winning collection published four books every year, new prize, composition and primary school, high school, junior high school volumes, each book about winning entries included 30 people, young children’s literature writer who grow up, just like that. & other; They were generally weak, oneself want to publish articles have difficulties, so give them a chance, they may get after winning all aspects of the attention, they will have the opportunity to work in the writing for children. You give him a chance, he will try harder. Throughout the &; GeCuiLin about society and bing xin’s prose, bing xin teenagers composition contest such awards, & other; They charge, some parents to come here, actually it doesn’t matter with us, we don’t accept a penny. The prize was cultured is economic strength is weak in the outlying provinces of the creator of poor areas, such as private teacher. Charge also aggravate the burden on them. We never charge a fee properties changed. Throughout the &;

BingXinJiang fee, from the press to edit ferri. GeCuiLin home almost became the office now. Space of the sitting room is the place that take the door is filled with all kinds of books, are associated with BingXinJiang. & other; We don’t a cent, government is the social obligation. Throughout the &;

BingXinJiang make up half the GeCuiLin energies, the key work is the final check, she has to ensure that every year a review of the work is new. & other; Now repeat published many, must be accumulated for many years, familiar with which the author have written what works, what books abroad. Throughout the &; This last check work, only GeCuiLin completed. & other; Everyone is busy now, can help you review article is good, let people to check again, that’s impossible. Throughout the &;

in 2003, BingXinJiang children’s library in pinggu, in this way, every eligible works winning entries, there will be a place to go. Every year GeCuiLin ten ministrial books to library, the library and in the past, trophies, MEDALS, photos, bing xin, LeiJieQiong, wu zuoren inscription. & other; This annual awards to participate in the book would not be separated, in a few years if the study of Chinese children’s literature, you can see here the preservation of the system. Throughout the &; Library built after GeCuiLin have been to many times, but she didn’t go back over the years, because of carsickness badly. This year there have been 780 thousand ministrial book to the library, the rest of the pile in GeCuiLin home living room. Awards to end all shipped BingXinJiang library.


octogenarian all kinds of books are watching

this year, GeCuiLin just out of a set of complete, a total of 18, the next this is preparing to 19, is to write new works this year. & other; Now write to the child, and certainly the fifties and sixties of the last century. Children’s knowledge is becoming more and more widely, the social changes very fast, children need new knowledge, new way of thinking. Throughout the &; Grandson in playing video games, once GeCuiLin said to him & other Let your dad teach you later. Throughout the &; & other; Come on, my dad will still teach me? Throughout the &; Grandson’s answer made GeCuiLin laugh. Though over 80, GeCuiLin insisted on reading update knowledge, knowledge, science, and easy, history, literature, she will watch all kinds of books. & other; Learn not over of, anyway have to constantly update knowledge. Throughout the &;

& other; Writing is difficult to write to the child, child inattention, the first sentence can not attract him, he was distracted. Throughout the &; Although bad to write, but GeCuiLin to still have a high demand for children’s book, she said there is a quick buck. The content of the ten words, can be divided into five books published. This price and this is not the same. And the wrong character in the book let GeCuiLin also are not satisfied, such as sting sting misprint. Sting and the jellyfish are different words. & other; Baby, you give him a typo, he remembered the very memorable. So awards, if there is a typo, pragmatically are not enough, no matter how fine print too. Throughout the &;

GeCuiLin always feel to do normal and ordinary, she will always say & other; I flatly light, come to me to interview, waste a lot of time, you don’t have much can help you. Throughout the &;

we read GeCuiLin has just published the complete set, on the former le printed with pictures of her when she was young, very beautiful. & other; In 1949, comrade Li Leguang told me & lsquo; You will write a book for children & rsquo; Because at that time I send some prose poem in the newspaper. He said & lsquo; 40 years look back how many grades & rsquo; . At that time I was 19, comb a plait, I said & lsquo; 40 years is too far away! & rsquo; At that time I feel very far away. Now go back to a look, and more than 60 years passed. This 60 years didn’t do nothing but to write books for the children. Writing for years, until now, also in writing. Throughout the &;

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