A 84 – year – old son because lonely when mannequins too ashamed to break

when the human body model can make the 84 – year – old Mr. Lee to find more happiness. Photographers Wang Xiao

pass the time easier

15 years ago and left his wife and young son died in 2007, the remaining two daughters and a son about once a month to see him. Such a naked in front of strangers, in the name of art work, let alone, a 84 – year – old old man li (not his real name) found happiness. & other; I think pass the time easier, play and watch the young students talking and laughing, I will very happy. Throughout the &;

didn’t steal didn’t rob, I don’t throw a person

on October 10, after chengdu shangbao scoop, a widespread social concern is caused. But in yesterday, Mr. Lee has said, the third son to give him a call, said he changed the lock in the home, let the old man don’t go to the house, because they feel & other; A shame & throughout; . & other; I didn’t steal didn’t rob again, I am not ashamed, they haven’t seen me zha tube anyway, don’t and don’t. Throughout the &; Son, the big ye said, home is in the lock key dropped.

Mr. Lee & other; Red & throughout; .

after chengdu commercial daily, chengdu television stations follow up more, even contact with the media and the old man outside the province, sina, People’s Daily online more than hundreds of network are reproduced, the old man is also very willing to accept the media interview.

however, yesterday, Mr. Lee told chengdu commercial daily reporter: & other; Three son called me said, and to renounce me, because I feel ashamed. Throughout the &;

the old man and don’t have class yesterday, in my own set of 47 square meters of the small room, finish has been watching TV after dinner, waiting for the arrival of the three sons. The old man said, the three sons to laundry sent over to her, and told him, changed the lock in the home, let him not to come home, because the son know the news of his when the mannequins, feel & other; Throughout this embarrassing &; .

wait until 11 PM at noon yesterday, the old man’s son is still not come. Old man called his son to go to, the son is in the head and said, don’t want to come over to see him, when he is not at home when, again to send your clothes. Hang up the phone, Mr. Lee did not change, he said, his feelings and the boys are not good, own a person lead are accustomed to, even if the sever ties with his son, he didn’t care.

according to the old address, chengdu commercial daily reporter found the big ye three son’s house, only to see his son is in the lock, when a reporter asked whether is because, to do so and to renounce his father, his son said because & other; Put the key away, so change the lock & throughout; . When it comes to the father, his son would not express too much.

the son & other; Key dropped before changing lock & throughout; Said the old man insisted that is in order to cut off and their own.

reporter’s note

suffering and joy, a 84 – year – old

84 years old, living alone li big ye, one side is facing & other; Nude model & throughout; This special & other; Work & throughout; And let him find fulfilling and happy; But also face the family alienation and estrangement.