A 98 – year – old “leading Chinese study” jao tsung-i: China will set foot on the Renaissance

jao tsung-i still adhere to the traditional sinology study every day.

jao tsung-i still adhere to the traditional sinology study every day.

jao tsung-i believe that the 21st century is the age of the Renaissance of China.

is already looking at hundreds of years, jao tsung-i had still been ceaseless, he said the twenty-first century is the age of the east of west, the east will have a significant impact on western academic and artistic ideas. The Chinese dream of going abroad to study master, never give up.

a few days ago, the famous international college DE France determine professor jao tsung-i for foreign academician of the academy, acoustic France and Europe art culture. As Asia’s first was awarded the honorary titles Sinologist, rao hale and hearty, & other; I’m already a 97 – year – old man, 98 – year – old soon, in fact I don’t recognize the old. I remember a fine with more than 90 years old, I want to follow, then go to huangshan! Throughout the &;

& other; Not to grind of ages, have been comfortable heart & throughout; . Don’t grinding is immortal, the ancient people’s pursuit of immortality, is khalid, contributions, fame; Flow of words in the middle of the water, spring, comfortable is the spirit of independence. Jao tsung-i used to say, a scholar, ohlendorf khalid, stand to do art, research requirement is, authentic, and is able to foothold in the world, to realize the Renaissance of China.

youth leave school to study

the liberal arts is different from science, emphasize the expert, specifically, is likely to be blocked, I will & other Homeless & throughout;

when he was 14, finished your studies in chaozhou city elementary school soon, just in high school to a brave decision jao tsung-i dropped out. At this point, the school education can not satisfy his thirst for knowledge.

from guangdong chaozhou a family of intellectual businessman he, I have started to read the history, lyrics, poetry. , from a father hopes he can name jao tsung-i song first of abital zhou dunyi imitation. Home & other; Days throughout the noise floor &; Tens of thousands of books, talented young jao tsung-i roaming, meanwhile, enjoy the pleasure of reading.

two uncle likes collecting, containing numerous fell, calligraphy and painting, the more he learned painting book created favorable conditions. Learn something of his young age, when ShuJie celebrities correspondence with no childlike, many people do not know, communication of less than 20 years old.

a teenager widely, for he has laid a solid knowledge foundation. In 1932, his father died because of illness. Jao tsung-i began to inherit his father’s legacy, serial its “chaozhou han has not been completed. Since then, the tide of studies has been wedded to jao tsung-i.

after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the young jao tsung-i in sun yat-sen university published the chaozhou han, fill the blank of chaozhou art system in the field of work activity, become the chaozhou landmark works of literature.

just better, but just as the fall in guangzhou in 1938, sun yat-sen university moved to yunnan, as a member of sun yat-sen university, jao tsung-i originally also need to go to yunnan, but when he came home after ready to back to school, suddenly a of a serious illness. As a result, jao tsung-i didn’t go to yunnan, but travelling to Hong Kong.

soon, and then fall in Hong Kong, he went back to chaozhou, then in wuxi countries specially in guangxi. All the way to the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, jao tsung-i came back to literature as guangdong province committee, the local Chronicles of guangdong, is mainly made up of chaozhou.


reporter: youth leave school, study the experience in society, have any effect on your subsequent academic research?

jao tsung-i: although dropped out of school, but I am in order to better study in society. I have been more advocate tide studies, because national history research should start from the region, if do not start from the region, there was no way to write more reliable and can be spread of national history. Foreign historical studies, for example, many of the big questions research, area, individual, also is of great research value, or even a building can be used as a doctoral thesis research topic.

reporter: in addition to tide to learn, you have done in many areas, the research scope across ancient history, JiaGuXue, silk, classics, music, religion, chu, dunhuang studies, bibliography, classical literature and the Chinese art history, thirteen major categories. A lot of people think you & other; Fairies & throughout; .

jao tsung-i: because since I was young, I will produce strong curiosity about Chinese culture, want to say why. I deeply felt in the process of research, the study of the humanities, will lead to ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, culture in the fields. Liberal arts is different from science, emphasize the expert, specifically, is probably not, I will & other Homeless & throughout; .