A 98 – year – old & quot; The republic of China marriage certificate & quot; Was madly in love hour to catch up with the war

Marriage turned unexpectedly can be recovered after a big circle, it makes amazing Sun Zhixin old man ever.

Around us there are always some coincidence: the 98 – year – old uncle Sun Zhixin never thought, that because of daughter attended this newspaper & other Love books collection throughout the &; Donate books activities, their lost decades of marriage, from the house of daughter to 58 to turn green of taoyuan publishing house after a big circle, eventually recovered.


two Zhang Minguo period marriage certificate, a net friend & other; He found thousands of baidu & throughout;

On May 24, the big ye sun stick to public welfare house story touched hearts of dalian people, in the later this newspaper by & other; Love books collection throughout the &; Public activities, the compassion to taoyuan contributed more than 4300 copies of books. Recently, the big ye sun in to sort out these love books, found two Zhang Minguo period of the marriage certificate, think is lost to the love of the citizens to donate books, and entrust the newspaper to look for the loser.

Yesterday, this newspaper to find reports during the period of the republic of China marriage certificate owner, dalian by sina blogger @ culture forward, many netizens attention immediately. At noon yesterday, sina blog friends @ north old editor tweeting said: & other; It should be him! Cuhk’s 94 – year – old dalian locomotive overlook Sun Zhixin completely! Throughout the &; @ the old editor, said he detected the Sun Zhixin through the network, according to the marriage registration on the age, old sun there should be a 94 – year – old this year!


owner appeared! 98 – year – old man in the newspaper to see their marriage certificate

Coincidentally, when net friend on the Internet looking for Sun Zhixin, he should also see this newspaper reported. At noon yesterday, a woman called and said to the reporter, named sun newspaper looking for a marriage certificate owner was her father! It’s proved that Ms. Sun’s father is @ the north old to edit the dalian locomotive plant (now for dalian locomotive vehicle co., LTD.), senior engineer Sun Zhixin.

According to Ms. Sun, father this year 98 years old (marriage registration on the age is wrong), because of coronary heart disease (CHD) in dalian locomotive hospital now. Yesterday morning, the old sun in hospital through the dalian evening news, felt the familiar images of the marriage certificate, a look at carefully, it was his marriage certificate!

Ms. Sun told reporters that her father, a lifetime love books, the book fit more like in the home, a lot of books is sending children home. Initiated in late may, Ms. Sun see this newspaper & other; Love books collection throughout the &; Activity, just for father donated some books. Let her unexpected is, the book with the parents’ marriage certificate.


old man: love is war, the liberation of Beijing will dare to marry

& other; How many years have not seen it! The above words were written myself! Throughout the &; Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw old sun in locomotive hospital ward on the fourth floor, the old man is excited with wrinkled hands keep rubbed two was a marriage certificate, and eyes were full of memories of the past. Sun old ancestral home in hebei, as a young man in the middle of the chongqing university studied mechanical engineering; Graduation later to Peiping (now known as Beijing), an engineer in railway department. Old sun says, met his wife when he was a classmate party Zhang Haoying (had died five years ago), then she is very young, didn’t have a job. Unfortunately, when two people in love is to catch up with the war, & other; At that time, the war happen at any time, which still dare to hope to get married! Throughout the &; Until January 1949 (38 years of the republic of China), beiping proclaimed peaceful liberation. Sun Zhi sino Zhang Haoying feel the situation is stable, so in August, will be officially married.

Marriage registration that an experience, it is Sun Zhixin unforgettable so far. & other; Then we went to the police station to register, is to find our conversation to do ideological work alone, director, is probably said that marriage is a very rigorous and serious thing, which contains also support their parents, many aspects, such as raising children is to take responsibility, two people must consider clear before she got married. Throughout the &; The sun says, this paragraph of premarital & other; Ideological education & throughout; Is very important, & other; Now the divorce rate so high, like a lot of young people on the spur of the moment, didn’t do enough preparation. Throughout the &; Shortly after the founding of new China, Sun Zhixin transferred to work in dalian locomotive plant, after his wife gave birth to a son and a woman, and they settled in dalian.


marriage again,

the old man says good things happen

Speaking of two pieces of marriage certificate, Sun Zhixin said may be long ago in the book. He had lost a number of books, he thought that a marriage certificate is lost. Unexpectedly, the book with a marriage certificate was daughter contribute to dalian, 58, is then transported to ZhuangHe green town of taoyuan publishing house, be careful of the sun finally found out. & other; If this book is not contributed, but sold it, this marriage is certainly not! Seems to be the good good! Throughout the &; Marriage turned unexpectedly can be recovered after a big circle, it makes Sun Zhixin amazing without ceasing, and said he would collect carefully of the two so commemoration of the marriage certificate. Wintour reporter intern zhang ya IfengLogo Liu Zizhu