A Brazilian prisoners by riding a bicycle to help power mitigation (FIG.)

Brazil Santa Rita do Sapucaí Prison inmates in cycling (web screenshot)

international online features: July 2, according to the Russian RT television reports, a Brazilian prison inmates can by creating green energy to get the chance, a commutation of their sentences they are connected to the generator to do is to constantly push the bike to generate electricity.

reported that Santa Rita do Sapuca&iacute in Brazil. Prison, prisoners can be reduced as long as the bike 16 hours a day. Generator for charging the battery, the battery can be used in the central part of blocks of street lamp power supply. Two bicycles to produce enough power to support 6 street lamp lighting.

the reason for this is not just to get free prison labor, it can also give inmates keep healthy. Initially, the prisoners to ride a bike for free doubtful, but then they became a lot of enthusiasm. Prison plans to install 8 bike, to meet the demand of the use of prisoners.

to ride a bicycle manufacturing green energy is not the only means of Brazilian prisoners get a commutation of their sentences. In other prisons, prisoners can read and write sentences. IfengLogo (jin-liang li)