A century ago elementary school: personalized class opened western-style food class and rearing

hundred years ago elementary school: personalization is very open western-style food and sericulture class

ten years trying to age old two elementary school. Source: the yangzi evening news Song Jiao taken

western food class, the class of a bugle call, fire control class, electrician class, class of sericulture, seal cutting, kunqu class & hellip; & hellip; An elementary school in nearly a century ago, it can be so rich and colorful curriculum! The day before yesterday, the then central university affiliated elementary school conservatory (south) the principal, the famous educator YuZiYi compiled “a primary school ten years hard ji” conservatory in south division the 110th anniversary of the celebration, the nearly a century ago the precious books in real and detailed records the school difficult decade trying to expand all of the education teaching experiment. And published photograph echo the conservatory is south division of compiling the new decade trying to ji an elementary school official, and that part of the 1927 for the book binding for a volumes, the official start.

it is understood that in 1902, the liangjiang governor zhang zhidong’s then played sanjiang normal school, after liangjiang normal school, the higher normal school in the future. In this way, south division of conservatory & ndash; & ndash; Sanjiang normal school affiliated elementary school under the crow temple built. Was changed several times after, become a famous central university affiliated elementary school. School at that time began to pay attention to have & other; Love & throughout; Relationship between teachers and students, pay attention to and, traditional and modern, and learned many of the advanced education teaching experience, and the fruitful experiment research, simply, has led to the national education reform.

in 1927, the then President, famous educator YuZiYi published the “efforts of an elementary school decade ji”, real and detailed recorded their efforts in undertaking difficult decade of all & other; Throughout the experiment &; Between the lines, and the ferment of education & other; Love & throughout; , make the professional work experience is long cover is new.

reporter turned the “primary school chronicle see nearly a century ago, the book records the school education and teaching experiments. At that time, the school has set up a rich variety of classes: western food class, the class of a bugle call, fire control class, electrician class, class of sericulture, seal cutting, kunqu class, etc., fully meet the students’ personal growth.

& other; Conservatory was teaching experiment all-encompassing, teachers are required to do research, some research results have high reference value, worthy of educators to study now. Throughout the &;

(correspondent Zhang Kaiquan reporter wang)