A complete edition of the sun yat-sen “the London late thoughts above was killed

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by the qing government in exile in Britain in 1896 when the British legation plot to kidnap, he might kill, After sun yat-sen in Hong Kong western medicine academy when studying English teacher Mr Li and others to rescue, Kant finally released from danger. Sun yat-sen was released from prison after wrote a readme suffering experience, this is the famous international politics of the London late “. This is the only English book, sun yat-sen once sensation in Europe and America, deterring the qing dynasty, planted the first overseas fire to revolution.

due to sun yat-sen, the article recalls the text with the UK and European readers, so on and the Angle of narrative style is different from his other words, after he himself didn’t translated into Chinese. Now income “sun yat-sen’s complete works” of Chinese version is the first year of the republic of China (1912) : the commercial press published a done a lot of the abridged text, and is to use free translation of classical Chinese, many places failed to correctly express the meaning of the original sun yat-sen.

on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the xinhai revolution (100 & ndash; 2011) and the 145th anniversary of the birth of sun yat-sen (145 & ndash; 2011), China social sciences publishing house launched the first modern Chinese versions were complete. This book is based on Taiwan 1973 complete works “the father of the nation’s fifth book & other; English writings volume & throughout; Refers to the translation of the original. Not only on translation in a comprehensive revision, and of the characters, events, organizations mentioned in the original annotation in detail on the related content. Book also select and compile related to sun yat-sen’s London late event of a large number of detailed documents, in order to help readers understand the background of that time. Also equipped with more than one hundred original pictures in the book, such as kidnapping mastermind of sun yat-sen, the qing government in the British legation, British counsellor McCartney’s photos, to rescue photos of sun yat-sen, Kant li and his wife, sun yat-sen was detained in tact as gifts for help from the handwriting, sun yat-sen’s detention cell, in both Chinese and English version of the different historical period, and so on, fully restore the details of the sun yat-sen was kidnapped in London.