Abandoned the island in eight hundred: concern for women’s self-esteem Care baby life



abandoned island is not appearing in recent years, abandoned island has a long history. , her from the middle ages Rome appear so far, already has a history of more than eight hundred years.

at the beginning, the Pope Northumberland iii began to set up & other; Baby wheel & throughout; , the purpose is to make the suffering and humiliation of the mother, with secret and safe way to give up their children.

the end of the 19th century, abandoned island is considered & other; Not suitable for modern ideas & throughout; , has gone more than a century. In 1996, she began to widespread again, still is to save lives.

001 in 1198, the world’s first baby island

in 1198, in Rome, according to the instruction from the Pope Northumberland iii, the world’s first baby island set up, then call & other; Baby wheel & throughout; (ruota collection trovatelli). Baby roulette in building external wall, internal cylinder can hold the baby box, into which we will be abandoned, rotating cylindrical box sent to the church, and then use the church bells notice adoption. The graph is still today in the Vatican, the holy spirit Hospital (Santo Spirito Hospital), to the 19th century to stop using abandoned roulette.


002 the late middle ages, the European common

the late middle ages, abandoned wheels are common in Europe, and even spread to South America, Brazil in 1825. Church set as abandoned roulette, can let mother to give up their babies in the form of hidden security, rather than in the form of cruelty. The graph is built in Florence, Italy, in 1445 the orphanage, yet holds the baby roulette closed (1875). The inscription wrote: & other; Four centuries, were abandoned roulette of suffering and shame, never close the door of love. Throughout the &;