According to research global 70 million asexual Don’t love for both sexes

Beijing, Aug. 21 (xinhua) according to Taiwan & other; Joint news & throughout; 21, the Canadian psychologist, points out that there are about 70 million people around the world feel homosexual, heterosexual sex appeal, belong to & other; Asexual & throughout; And should be classified as & other; The fourth sex & throughout; .

the expert points out, because this person is the potential power of society, thought is different from the mainstream trend, therefore always have loneliness, society should be tolerant mind, people equate various sexual orientation.

psychological experts say about 1% of the world’s population, or 70 million people belong to & other; Asexual & throughout; , they feel less than the opposite sex, same-sex sexual attraction, that is to say, no matter you are talking to men and women, were unable to interest asexual. Psychological experts say, there are such gender characteristics of the people should be classified as & other; The fourth sex & throughout; .

in 2004, Ontario, Canada, brock university professor bo Celtic analysis survey the sex appeal of Britain in 1994, found in a 18000 survey, about 1% of people admitted that they can’t feel sexual attraction from anyone.

bo Celtic, points out that asexual is divided into two kinds, one kind is still can feel & other; Sex drive & throughout; , but strength is not strong to take an interest in others, another is the same, heterosexual completely not interested. Asexual currently is the potential power of the society, because of its mainstream ideology and gender trend are obviously different, so the asexual always have the feeling of isolation. Bo Gail, believes that society should be the same view all kinds of sexual orientation.

the new scientist magazine has also done research, found that most asexual has a very low & other; Sex drive & throughout; , but there are still a few asexual can still feel the sexual attraction, just not attracted to other people. The researchers pointed out that some asexual will still want to keep close relationships with others, even also some people will use & other; Test-tube baby & throughout; Way to conceive and bear a son, and to avoid the physical relationship.