After the death of napoleon castration: chaplain for revenge cut “lonegan (FIG.)”

napoleon & middot; Bonaparte (Napolé On Bonaparte, 1769-1821), the first French republic and French emperor ruling, was born in Corsica, France, is a distinguished military genius. (figure)

this article from “crazy, stupid, erotomania, Michael & middot; Farquhar, citic publishing house, in December 2003 the first edition

a man after the death should be more glorious tall, but napoleon & middot; After the death of Bonaparte instead, short a few inches. If currently stored in a hospital in New York that dry dot source is correct, then the shorter the emperor napoleon was buried in Paris, who must have less important parts. Though the years honing his & other; Stick & throughout; Reduced to small finger size, but it was not long.

& other; His penis is small, and apparently already shrinking, & throughout; A doctor attended in napoleon’s autopsy in 1821, later wrote, & other; It is said that before he died he had for impotence. Throughout the &; Napoleon’s autopsy is in the far south Atlantic island of st Helena. He spends most of Europe is embroiled in a war, in the presence of the British army spent his exile.

after the autopsy, a man named viniar in Corsica cadastral chaplain with a sharp knife to cut down the & other; Lonegan & throughout; . & other; To see see! It belongs to me! Throughout the &; It is said that he once wrote. Napoleon’s relics collectors, urology experts in New York, John & middot; Latimer (JohnLattimer) believes that the pastor’s motivation is simple. At present, the dry historical relics are preserved by him in a little box.

and all the hiring of monarch, napoleon had attitude toward his underlings Corsica is very poor, often abused punishment, pooh leary furious about this. Latimer said: & other; Corsican feelings is very strong. Throughout the &; He thinks that after the autopsy in Slovenia have plenty of time & other; The little cut off as a means of revenge & throughout; . Latimer according to their own experience has confirmed that high temperature climate in the tropics, corpses rotting stench will soon be unbearable. British soldiers looked at the corpse was sewn back good after easily left, to Slovenia in castration emperor’s plan provides. For this collection is the real problem, latimer without too much suspicion. It belongs to a large number of relics of napoleon, they allow the holder thereof to has been traced back to Slovenia.

he said & other; I didn’t see any evidence of weaken its authenticity. In a series of the owner of the list no obvious flaw. Throughout the &; Since latimer doctors got napoleon in the early 1970 s after some of the most secretive and proud, he has been with high respect it perfectly preserved, have never been on public display the objects, also don’t allow anyone to take pictures of it. He even offered to put it back to the napoleon in Paris cemeteries, but haven’t received any formal reply.

maybe like the Washington post a meaningful review, the French don’t like to admit & other; Their ancestors left an important legacy will be lost, because the source of it is not so brilliant, but by men throughout the &; .