All over the sky Chen: in order to save the Ming and qing dynasties ancient village east Anglia launched by the human body photography

all over the sky Chen: embedded large wide-angle east Anglia ancient house

mango illustrated xin wen wen

this is living in Shanghai painter Chen sky fifth arrived in east Anglia. Since 2010, he has repeatedly organization personnel to visit east, to the Ming and qing dynasties ancient architecture protection advocates.

Chen sky works

east, west south of a small town. This are rarely found little place on the map, has a rare ancient building group of Ming and qing dynasties of hunan. Blue bricks tiles, distant mountains paddy fields, heaven and earth a egrets, no echoes, silence is a natural retreat. So, the town has a qing xiang & other; Pure YiYing & throughout; Coach XiBaoTian residence RongWeiShan manor, literati Ye Zhaolan curtilage, military commanders, guangdong behaves the prefect tang yuan and cemetery, just old and residence between general of the republic of China and tang sheng-chih spread. But since the 1980 s, due to selling antiques and residents to demolish the old new, local-style dwelling houses is rapidly disappearing run-down. This time in east Anglia, some different, Chen sky plan will be in the form of artist east Anglia ancient Ming and qing dynasties, xiang culture, through the film case forever, he would as to east Anglia ancient building’s farewell ceremony.

he invited the photographers and artists from changsha, Shanghai, Beijing, wuhan, jiangxi, the United States, France and other rushed to the east, the theme of the film is based on the human body art refers to the same human body and weak construction, at the same time give life to the building. Chen sky planning public welfare activities, record the history and culture art editor into a picture album, will the architecture of the hunan east Anglia vanishing comprehensive record, left precious pictures of literature.

& other; We understand, we are unable to prevent the frenzy of destroy historical sites of the era, but we can through the lens and books to record these the annihilation of the culture and art treasures! We have an obligation to future generations to record these impending annihilation of glorious history! Throughout the &; Chen sky wrote in a blog post.

Eric tsui:

architecture and traditional opera, is inadvertently slow erosion

setting on six shi dian village. Shanghai train just docked at east station, Shanghai well-known photographer Eric tsui is non-stop rushed to the scene of the shooting. Here the swathes of the Ming and qing dynasties has broken, weeds. Down’s ancestral hall plaque is hung on the door, under the big tree, tooth is off the old man telling the grand scene of so many people in the party. & other; A rainy day, a lightning strike in the blue brick flies in the wall of the ancestral hall, and boy, just not beat this brick wall! Throughout the &; An old man said with dancing.

Eric tsui listen to these interesting gossip, up in the mind with a picture. He is the most impressive scene, narrow alley between two building beside the ancestral hall, model lie in the middle of the road long composition, road is consistent with the body of deep sense of perspective. The ruins of the buildings are very strong, and the fragility of the female body accordingly, there is a desolate beauty. The concept of time is to be fade, perhaps in a fragile, can have a kind of beauty is beyond time and retained. Mob of building mutely tells the vicissitudes of life.

as photography teacher of Shanghai theater academy, Eric tsui conceptual photography has always been focused on opera, such as the preservation of traditional culture, this time he still injected in drama elements, will become the “makeup modelling. & other; Drama elements is also one of the symbols of Chinese traditional culture, traditional architecture and opera actually suffer the same destruction of, are inadvertently slow erosion. Chinese opera original hundreds, dozens of until now, even fewer and fewer. The filming is to destroy the Chinese tradition, architecture, drama, the call for protection. In the urbanization, we are all in the pursuit of the process of modernization, have lost the most should retain the original self – our tradition. Throughout the &;