Amateur astronomers talk about chongqing two SUNS: the sky is not necessarily the sundogs (FIG.)

chongqing sky two SUNS

the sky a few sun? This seems to be a self-evident question & ndash; & ndash; In addition to the ancient legends of & other; YiSheJiuRi & throughout; Besides, the rest is a sun.

but wait a minute, on the 18th of this month on the morning of southwest university in chongqing yucai school, have a lot of teachers and students see clearly & other Two SUNS & throughout; . Combined with chongqing the weather very hot recently, so people will naturally associate it & other; YiSheJiuRi & throughout; The legend.

chongqing local reporters immediately contacted the astronomical society of chongqing senior astronomer Chen Yu, and asked him if this is the so-called & other; Sundogs phenomenon throughout the &; . Chen Yu said that alone cannot say for sure whether it is a picture & other; Sundogs & throughout; .

see & other; Chen Yu & throughout; The name, I can’t help shine at the moment, evoked a teenager something very impressive: it was in the early 1980 s, not in 1980 is 1981, I was a junior high school students, it is crazy of astronomy, at home in the subscription science journals sponsored by the Beijing planetarium astronomy enthusiasts. The magazine once make the readers to participate in the activities of a small, is to give a few tian-wen zhang stamps, let the reader to pick the above error. One of The Times, is an upward arch crescent, this is generally will not appear in the reality. But after a period, the journal published a signed & other; Sichuan Chen Yu & throughout; Letters from readers, and the letter pointed out that the arch on the crescent may also have no wrong, just need to satisfy some conditions: first, when the full moon; Second, it is the moon’s orbit and the earth’s equator plane Angle (Bai Chi Angle) maximum; Third, at the moment is just the eclipse. The editorial also note: Chen Yu readers one thousand ways for this figure to find & other; Special case & throughout; To prove his learning attitude is very serious, solid grasp of knowledge, praising at such a time. When young, have a good memory, so remember the & other; Sichuan Chen Yu & throughout; . Saw the news today, think about if the Chen Yu also and I almost was a middle school student, is now & other; The running of the five & throughout; Of a person, is absolutely & other; Senior & throughout; Amateur astronomers, plus the chongqing is belonging to sichuan province, is unlikely to be someone else. Lenovo to Chen Yu from more than 30 years ago shows consistent rigorous style of work, to whether & other; Sundogs & throughout; Leave room is understandable.

what’s more, the students of chongqing see & other; Two SUNS & throughout; , and typical sundogs phenomenon should be appear & other; Three sun & throughout; To & ndash; & ndash; Sundog is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, translucent cloud in the sky, there are floating in the air of hexagonal columnar crystals of ice, they will occasionally neatly vertically in the air, when the sun’s rays shot on the hexagonal icicles very regular refraction phenomenon occurs, appear many the illusion of the sun. Only the middle one is formed by direct sunlight, is the true sun, two is next to the reflection after the formation of the virtual image. As to why the students only see two, most likely, is due to diffuse or shade trees, so that people have not found the third. Students from uploading photos XiaoDong description & other; Through the trees, can clearly see the two SUNS & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; To analyze, may be the reason.

soon, the local meteorological bureau said that this is a mock sun phenomenon, although they did not explain why only two SUNS instead of three. Sundogs phenomenon, although rare, is not rare. In the 21st century home, alone have Beijing, changchun, Harbin, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang tacheng prefecture, hefei, anhui and huaibei, liaoning jinzhou, jiangsu jingjiang, sichuan leshan sundogs phenomenon was observed. Is the chongqing, this is not the first time appeared parhelion, on July 14, the last time was in 2010.

in ancient legend, often from people first observation of the natural phenomena, combined with the imagination of the processing, this is the general consensus. , it seems, on the “huai south son” say & other Yao and ten days, when grass is dry, yao Yang hou yi shot the ten day throughout its nine &; , probably related to sundogs phenomenon. However, can also be an aging star in the Milky Way has had the supernova explosion, brightness to the sun, in the short term to have serious impact on the earth’s ecology, it fades after a few weeks, people think this is what a hero to shoot down. Anyway, this is the crystallization of the ancients great imagination.