American restaurant waitress naked seduce patrons coloured drawing or pattern Was officially banned

according to the huffington post reported on July 16, in louisville, Kentucky, Texas, USA, a peasant food paradise restaurant sexy waitress naked pictures of body painting body, a move the city banned.

local residents say, & other; In peasant food paradise restaurant, these young waitress wearing short shorts, whole body coated with coloured drawing or pattern, chest only on the chest. When you see these girls nearly naked, we feel very shocked. Throughout the &;

according to local TV reports CBS Dallas, if the owner of the restaurant, want to let the maid went on naked body coloured drawing or pattern to provide services, you must apply for the business license of sexual orientation. Louisville community public relations manager James quinn said: & other; If restaurant obtained the business license of sexual orientation license, sexual orientation, then the waitress can in exposure to provide services, because it’s authorized business restaurant. Throughout the &;

at present, the police were on the restaurant waitress in the human body coloured drawing or pattern provides after complaints about the service, the city council meeting voted to change the related regulations, immediately banned women only in body paint paint covered chest to see people.