American television will broadcast the students speech said Zhen Huan white does not look good

“enrollment 嬛 preach” will introduce American news cause netizens. Yesterday afternoon, the CPPCC member, said the director xiaolong zheng Zhen Huan white is currently working with an American company draft contract, the other will be the clip into six Zhen Huan white TV movies, mainstream television broadcast in the United States.

xiaolong zheng is introduced, the U.S. company prepare to clip the play, and to fill some of the pictures, will score again. Clip, he said, China does not participate in the process of, because I don’t know the European and American people appreciate the habit, the rhythm.

as for the introduction of the reason, xiaolong zheng said that the company believes the zhen 嬛 biography in English will also have the audience on the market. In xiaolong zheng my point of view, “zhen 嬛 biography is popular, is because of its core values are correct.

it is reported that previously, it was aired in the United States of Chinese, but not in English, only Chinese. The company signed a contract with the United States, edited the Zhen Huan biography to mainstream television broadcast in the United States, and other It was never really went out on our behalf & throughout; , xiaolong zheng said.

& gt; & gt; Netizens said

@ was done: americans can understand? But it doesn’t matter, don’t understand perhaps will deliberately to understand, to reach the purpose of cultural influence.

@ gu bullshit: Europe and the United States also have special Chinese TV BBS, have special groups of subtitle translation. It is said that the BBS conversation is like this. & other; Oh, it’s very happy to play, several sets a day just enough! Why our country’s TV a week is only one set? Throughout the &;

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the suntech foreign students to the United States:

cultural differences affect or ratings

suntech from California, has lived in China for 5 years, he watched TV “Zhen Huan preach”, but when they hear the show to introduce to the mainstream American television show, he doesn’t look good, & other; My side a lot of European and American friends, they are more willing to see if you are the one “, this kind of entertainment. Throughout the &;

suntech said the United States show of the local basic not imported from China. On the one hand, he argues, is the picture is not good, not as good as Hollywood, HBO; On the other hand, for a costume play in the Chinese culture is not easy to understand. For example, he said, & other; Like the princess huanzhu, Asian students, such as south Korean people are easier to understand, to see more. Throughout the &;

in suntech’s view, Jackie chan, zhang yimou’s film is more acceptable in the United States. (reporter Sun Siya Helen)