Ancient temple hall with only one thousand “skeleton” developers said to repair

hall were removed before

hall was demolished after

reporter chun-bo shi correspondent Liu Shusong

in shaoxing city, one thousand temple hall, fujiang, now only a skeleton, standing alone, it is around the ruins. Here, the rise of a new city.

a few days ago, the hall has just been opened have net friend upload photos online. For a while, open house for drew a sorry. & other; Unfortunately, it’s a pity that. Throughout the &; More than 80 – year – old calligrapher Shen Dingan bother to sigh. As soon as he heard the news, drive past the ground look. More ordinary citizens to voice online, hope to keep the hall.

although the hall burned down several times, not cultural relic, but this historical building, but left a lot of shaoxing people’s collective memory. Business development at the same time, how to deal with cultural relics? The fate of the hall? This is a public doubts.

the main story: ill-fated, condensation shaoxing citizens many memory

, fujiang was acquainting, nearly one thousand years of history, incense exuberant. & other; The equivalent of “water margin” inside the DaXiangGuo temple. Throughout the &; A local history experts introduced this.

& other; Very impressive. Throughout the &; Shaoxing citizens Huang Zhengfa memories of more than 80 years old, he is very busy, when I was a child, fujiang region often packed. & other; It is on the custom of shaoxing & lsquo; Several lohan & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

however, the ancient temple ill-fated. Nearly one thousand years, ancient temple burned down several times, to the period of the republic of China, has been broken.

1974, fujiang become hospital, also became a transfusion hall hall. Here is the garden, pleasant scenery, shaoxing citizens.

it was not until 2007 that the hospital new move, the land sold at auction for 900 million yuan for commercial development.

then, hospital buildings are being demolished, only the hall. Until a few days ago, residents have found that the hall also started in down.

yesterday, the reporter at the scene to see, the walls of the hall has been split, only a framework, standing alone, looked very sad.

citizens called for: is not bump but it is necessary to preserve, cannot be destroyed in our generation

open house, soon spread on the Internet.