Angered by team “ghost” han 20 million reward for evidence

recently, a man named & other; Crop & throughout; Netizens post question han han, think its fame is by & other; Artificial & throughout; Packaging hype. Even doubt Mr. Lu han han may be publishers team product packaging, han’s article is probably the team & other; A ghost & throughout; . The question sound widespread attention on the Internet.

yesterday morning, han for the first time on the blog post gives clear response: & other; I write down every word is my own. Throughout the &; Said the other & other; As I write violated one can tolerate the bottom line & throughout; . Han also openly & other; Price & throughout; , someone who can illustrate the evidence to prove that question, & other; All reward twenty million yuan, I would also like to, he gave a person all copyrighted books have been published. Throughout the &;

han & other; Excessive anger & throughout; Has violated the tolerable bottom line

4 o ‘clock in the morning yesterday, han Posting blog a little broken article, and self-mockery said & other; Excessive anger, performance & throughout; , & other; I am a man of a particular value ethics, as I write this violated people can tolerate the bottom line. I write down every word is my own, I cannot prove it, and especially don’t want to respond to those people, so I feel very troubled. Sometimes, can’t since the qing qing, you don’t wash, maybe a lifetime to carry others spilt ink. I don’t say sorry myself, also I’m sorry my readers, harm they were ridiculed. Throughout the &;

in the non han article the question reason, I have written an article thinks: han always published an article in the week of the game, energetic, appear suspicious. In response, han responded, & other; Not just my individual blog posts, and even “changan chaos”, “a city”, “1988” the most of them are done in my spare. & hellip; & hellip; I can only tell the friend, you only proves that you don’t have the ability and energy. Throughout the &;

for some people think that Mr. Lu team for their hype is behind the han han, han to refute, & other; In fact, I recently best-selling books, are published in other companies for a variety of reasons, and the two companies are jinbo rivals. That is already can mean something. Throughout the &;

han also explicitly stated conditions, reward for & other; All people can use any friends or relatives around belong to & lsquo; Han writing team & rsquo; Or & lsquo; Han planning team & rsquo; , anyone who touched or seen & lsquo; Han han, writing or planning team & rsquo; Any of the members, anyone can prove his ghost write articles for me, or a ghost for me once, even if only a ghost words, & hellip; & hellip; Reward twenty million yuan ($twenty million), I also will, he gave a person all copyrighted books have been published. Throughout the &;

Han Fu & other; Make a determined effort & throughout; Son who has his style, I would like to recognize

there are those who question his father parental han’s article is written, han also retort, & other; Since I was young love writing, under the influence of my father, & hellip; & hellip; My father fell in love with weibo recently, still brilliant, but only to me. Throughout the &;

han han father Han Ren all yesterday also said on weibo & other; Since han han accident response, I also say two words. Every shoe fits one, someone is habit every foot, put all the things of others psychosexuality into conspiracy, unique way of thinking. Second, I can say that han’s prose style at present in China can not find out the second, if you have, I would like to recognize him as his son! Anyone not letter can imitate a for everyone to see. The field long is wheat grass, the old farmer. Throughout the &; West China metropolis daily reporter zhang jie