Archaeologists have discovered for the first time the emperor ZuLing layout Exploration hundred square meters

archaeologists discovered for the first time ZuLing layout

after a large number of archaeological exploration field, archaeologists have for the first time the qin shi huang ZuLing & ndash; & ndash; Commonly known as the qing dongling, no 1 cemetery cemetery layout of exploration is clear, to understand the qing dongling, overall layout, especially QinShiHuangDi layout characteristics of the cemetery and evolution, etc. It is of great significance.

host archaeological exploration work of shaanxi archaeological institute associate researcher wei-gang sun said: & other; This year our 1 cemetery first exploration in qing dongling, the range of about 1 million square meters, a number of cemetery outside moat within the scope of the basic exploration and clear. Cemetery outside the trench, north and south long 1100 meters, about 700 meters wide, cemetery range now generally has more than 70 square meters. In addition to the mausoleum, has struck four building sites, 14 PeiZangKeng, two buried tomb, exploration now has more than 80 small tombs. Throughout the &; Qin Gong cemetery surrounded by trenches, qing dongling, 1 cemetery also has a moat. Exploration and xianyang now found the warring states qin shi huang shape basic is very close, a cemetery is the rectangle structure. For exploration more west ditch, it as a whole breadth depth is differ, some places may be washed after more than 10 meters wide, is four or five meters in some places, the appearance of the overall is four or five meters, depth range is three to five meters.

wei-gang sun said, exciting is that in a construction site in northwest cemetery scale is larger, the north and south long 200 meters, and meters wide from east to west. The discovery of the large construction site and the qinshihuang mausoleum of the so-called architectural sites close to nature, are likely to be number one tombs mausoleum building site. In this way, it’s and literature & other; Qin beginning a bedroom & throughout; In agreement, it now seems the origin of the mausoleum building in qing dongling, likely a cemetery this place, rather than previously thought, to the qin shihuang mausoleum of hadrian mausoleum building traditional views.