Archives of old Shanghai police legend Liu Dagong new disclosure

Shanghai news agency on May 24 (xinhua Xu Jing), the son of old Shanghai police legend Liu Dagong wen-bin lu, 24, will be his father more than 240 related documents have donated to the Shanghai municipal archives, and accept the ShouCangZheng issued by the museum.

according to introducing, this donation Liu Dagong files including documents, 92, 8 pieces of physical files and archives 140 photos, finishing by wen-bin lu lasted two years, recorded the Liu Dagong when work and life, and many other aspects.

deputy director of the Shanghai archives zhi-min Yang told that in more than 20 years of his career, and has been wedded Liu Dagong. As the old Shanghai police legend, Liu Dagong mid-may as the kuomintang government in 1949 of the Shanghai police station generation of director. Zhi-min Yang thinks that the most commendable is, by the Chinese communist party Shanghai underground party secret, Liu Dagong to meet the people’s liberation army to take over the Shanghai police department has played a positive role.

wen-bin lu said that the donation of this batch of materials, the life of the most notable are Liu Dagong readme manuscripts and 30 pages of Liu Dagong memories patriots from all walks of life to invite people with lofty ideals of Shanghai in 1935 set up & other Zhongshan institute & throughout; Between the manuscript, as well as Liu Dagong reveal the first tycoon wonderful old Shanghai business survey materials such as precious archives kidnapping. He hopes the new sorting Liu Dagong files & other; Help to understand and study about the important events before and after the liberation of Shanghai & throughout; .