Artificial eggs is expected next year to enter China’s cooperation with McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried chicken

, according to People’s Daily online by the Hampton Creek company developed a artificial ingredients, can replace eggs before each big supermarket shelves across the us. According to the company’s founder and chief executive josh & middot; Tetley introduces to the reporter, this is called & other; Beyond the egg & throughout; The safety of food is mainly composed of extracted from legumes, including soy protein, can replace traditional egg, widely used in bread, cake, mayonnaise, eggs and other food manufacturing process.

the company said at the same time, compared with eggs, this & other; Artificial eggs & throughout; Besides can effectively reduce the cost of more than 40%, also more environmentally friendly. Company founder josh & middot; Tetley g says, 51% of the world’s man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the animal husbandry, using plant protein synthesis & other Artificial eggs & throughout; Energy conversion rate of two ingredients, moreover greatly higher than that of animal husbandry.

reporters were invited to taste the & other; Artificial eggs & throughout; , feel the taste is no much difference with traditional egg, and use this kind of safe food instead of eggs produced by cookies more sweet and not greasy.

the company obtained including Microsoft founder bill & middot; Investors such as gates, its & other; Artificial eggs & throughout; Products in addition to the United States national chain supermarket Whole Foods into the local market, Hampton Creek company plans with McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried chicken fast-food chains such as group cooperation, originally estimated in early 2014 to enter the Chinese market.