Astronomical experts said the 2013 lunar decyl snake year is a leap year only 355 days

after entering in January, 2013, lunar decyl snake year footsteps getting closer. Astronomical experts said that with the end of the lunar nonyl, dragon year is different, the lunar decyl snake year is a leap year, only 355 days.

astronomy education experts, tianjin astronomical society director zhao heng said, according to the lunar calendar snake years beginning on February 10, 2013, at the end of January 30, 2014, 355 days. The lunar snake year after Chinese New Year of the horse have a & other; A leap in September & throughout; This year, a total of 383 days.

the length of the lunar calendar is nearly a month, is this why? Zhao heng said, now the world universal calendar has 3 kinds: the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar and lunisolar calendar. The Gregorian calendar is according to the sun twice through the vernal equinox (twice & other; Throughout the spring equinox &; Solar term) the time interval between for 1 year, called & other; Tropical year & throughout; , cycle was 365.2422 days, this is now the world universal & other; The Gregorian calendar & throughout; . The length of the Gregorian calendar is a leap year 365 days, leap year 366 days.

with the solar year fixed at 365 days or 366 days, the lunar calendar is arranged in accordance with the moon round the change cycle, with an average of 29.5306 days per month, 12 months, 1 year is 354.3672 days, less than the Gregorian calendar about 11 days.

in order to coordinate the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar, the number of days between lunisolar calendar was the result, namely the current lunar and methods is & other; July 19 leap & throughout; Method, which in 19 lunar year plus seven leap year. The leap year because more than a leap month, so there are 383 days in a year – 385 days or so, and lunar leap year generally speaking, there are 353 days – 355 days.

zhao heng said, is the Chinese lunar year of dragon with the leap in April, so there are 384 days, and the upcoming lunar snake year is a leap year, there are seven monthly (30 days) and five abortion (29 days), a total of 355 days. (reporter Zhou Runjian, Cai Yugao)